The most political garden in America is still sowing controversy a year later

On August 7, Bashloz took to Twitter to express his outrage at what Trump called the “exit” of the most popular garden in the United States. Like most things affected by the tropes, the Rose Garden has become a political lightning rod. The massive 2020 renaissance, led by the former First Lady, was posting on a series of politically complex issues, not on soda.
Rehabilitation means removing almost all the plants and trees and flowers, digging out old irrigation systems and planting new ones, creating a more integrated sound system, paving sidewalks and laying out every shrub and seedlings. . In the introduction, a month ago, reviews were mostly divided by party lines, the update took place on a garden gift to make wooden planks in honor of Trump’s beauty. Popular.

Beschloss falls into the last category.

For the past year, the famous historian has taken to Twitter to express his deepest feelings about the renovation of Rose’s garden, receiving thousands of tweets each time he takes, often accompanied by documentary photographs in the garden. Last Saturday, Bashloz took to Twitter to post a photo of the historic but barren landscape outside Oval’s office: – American history has been destroyed for decades.

CNN did not respond to a request for comment.

The next day, Trump – or rather Melania Trump’s office tweeted – posted a photo of himself with the latest, a flower garden and a bullet in Bashlows.

“@BeschlossDC has confirmed that he did not know about the rose garden at an early age. The rose garden is a healthy and colorful pink flower. The misleading information is a disgrace.”

Trump’s spokesman doubles down on Twitter to CNN

The spokesman added that Trump’s approach to garden design, after much research on the story, was “in line with current needs.” The politicization of this reform reflects the media’s prejudice against Trump. ”

According to someone familiar with Ross Garden’s renovation, Trump posted a photo on Bashloz’s Twitter account stating that the garden does not represent how it looks or how it works.

He knows that people in the gardening world are right: “The first year is asleep, the second year is trembling, and the third year is leaping. Everyone knows that. ”

Like three other interviewees, the man asked for anonymity to discuss Washington’s controversial Green Space plot.

“There is no way in the work done – ‘Ta-da! Go here!'” Said the man. To rebuild, “the whole garden had to be torn down.”

Another person involved in the renovation plan admitted that it was “shocking” later and that the garden looked “naked”.

However, the need for repairs was agreed upon by many parties, including White House officials and then-White House Chief of Staff Timothy Harlet and Trump. A 200-plus page report by the White House Conservation Committee shows that over decades of wear and tear and permanent replacement of trees, shrubs, and plantations have caused irreversible damage to the environment.

Two of the people involved in the redesign were only 11 real trees when the Ross Garden was renovated – there are now more than 200.

US President Joe Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris (L) attend the 31st anniversary of the American Disability Law (ADA) at the White House Rose Garden in Washington, DC, July 26, 2021.

“Beschloss and everyone else thought it was the first garden to be ‘destroyed’ in Melania because there was so much pollution and disease and plant rot. [Trump]This man, who worked closely with the National Park Service on the corpse garden project, was literally not the first gardener in decades. ”

Essentially, irrigation issues, shade and root growth stunt and kill many plants, and the National Park Service staff, whose staff takes care of the White House grounds – simply dig up what is dead and plant the plant alive, colorful, often seasonal flowers and shrubs and, occasionally, trees. The source said: “There was constant fishing and changing.”

Destroyed trees during the 10 Brown Melon era – Beschloss and others that angrily demanded were removed in the 2020 renovation — of course, replaced several times since 1962 — there was nothing original about them.

A White House staffer who knows how to cut down trees said, “In the early 2000s, they were huge. It was great for the place. ” They were replaced at least twice last year.

A.D. In 2019, they brought fresh broken trees for the Australian State Dinner outside in the Rose Garden, a man who said: “No one was wise.”

But the obstacles that have been lost over the years have not been intended for the sawmill, even though “about three” have died, even though a White House staffer – who can confirm the location of the trees – has a deep background. Other “couples” are being renovated and renovated in the White House Greenhouse, and “some” have been planted in the South Land compound, he said.

However, there are those who say that Bashloz still had a point in his criticism.

Just as many people love the tulip or seasonal seasons of America’s most luxurious garden, the historian seems to yearn for the immediate satisfaction of a beautiful and abundant garden — false or not. And when the rose garden first appeared, it looked like the original – or most recently – shaped shell.

There was also a suspension date, one of the people involved in the renewal admitted.

»[Melania Trump] Her speech b [Republican National] Immediately after the opening, from the Rose Garden meeting, ”said this man.

That said, even the roses that were planted to expose her and her speech a year later are no longer in high-growing shrubs.

As the temperature dropped, the appropriate pink varieties were added – and a large portion of those plants are now growing.


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