The new Dutch ambassador met with the private sector to discuss youth entrepreneurship and employment

News Item | 05-09-2021 | 13 26

Aman, Jordan – The Embassy of the Netherlands on Thursday, September 2, 2021, hosted a private sector discussion with more than 30 Jordanian businesses from small, medium and large enterprises. The companies present came from a variety of industries, including banks, investment companies, catering services, logistics and pharmaceuticals. It was an opportunity to meet and meet key players from Jordan’s private sector in the Jordanian government.

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In his inaugural address at the Jordanian Embassy, ​​Virgie presented the embassy’s private sector participation plans and programs, emphasizing the need for youth participation in the private sector. “Young people are the key to sustainable economic growth and central development in the Netherlands. Last year, the Netherlands launched a strategy called @Lib, to ensure that the Netherlands included young people in our approach and to develop their agency in shaping their future. For Jordan, this is very relevant, so the focus is on youth in our discussion today. ”

The Netherlands is an active supporter of private sector development in Jordan. Since 2019, the Netherlands has committed more than ሚሊዮን 30 million in activities aimed at improving market access and strengthening economic actors in the fruit and vegetable value chain, promoting entrepreneurship and improving access to finance. Youth, women, and vulnerable communities are the main targets of the embassy’s economic development programs.

The Netherlands is also helping companies improve their production and quality by supporting low-water consumption and the fruit and vegetable value chain. The Netherlands is also actively assisting the import and export of agricultural and other companies in foreign markets, including the Netherlands, through the Center for Promotion of Imports from the Netherlands (CBI).

The embassy recently signed a ሚሊዮን 4 million project with a global leader to help Jordan’s SMEs become more consistent and high-quality suppliers, replacing the costly and time-consuming import demand.

The Netherlands has invested more than ሚሊዮን 200 million in accommodating refugees and vulnerable communities, making it a priority for development cooperation in 2019. The Netherlands and Jordan in the fields of food security, water management, technical and vocational education, trade and investment, entrepreneurship and human rights.

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