The new Oscala Master Gardener Volunteer Courses begin September 14th

You want to have a garden or decorate your lawn, but your thumbs aren’t green? Or do you already enjoy gardening, but want to deepen your understanding of native plants, or how do you want to attract pollen such as bees and butterflies to your garden?

Do you like to share your knowledge with others? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, you have the opportunity to apply for the upcoming Garden Vegetable Volunteer Training Program at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UFS) at the Ossela Heritage Park Expansion Center in Kismayo. .

You can learn the answers to these and many other questions about fruit and vegetables in Central Florida, and then, as a major gardener volunteer, share your new knowledge with community members.

According to Eva Pabon, UF / IFA Residential Horticulture Agent and Chief Horticultural Coordinator, Master Horticultural Volunteers have a variety of backgrounds in gardening (come to a special program) (no special prior knowledge or training required to apply) and the community in a number of ways. . Historically, they have served as educators for community gardeners, as well as for individuals with grass and garden questions. Answer questions at the Ossela Extension Center Physical Clinic (call or visit the website for current hours and availability). Although Kovi restrictions limit access to community education in 2020 and 2021, Paban Master Gardener volunteers say they are still actively supporting the community. For example, this year they produced vegetables from the Extension Center and then donated food to the Holy Cloud.

They will also continue to answer questions from the community over the phone and by email. Pabon, for his part, said they are preparing for the annual plant sale in early 2022.

The 2021 annual training session will begin on September 14. PABON This year, students will be able to see pre-recorded lessons each week from home and one Tuesday at 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. With lunch. Tuesday classes will take place between the Ossela and Orange County Extension Centers. Free tuition ($ 180 course cost per student), certification, Master Gardener Volunteers serve 75 volunteer hours in the first year, followed by 35 volunteer hours per year, and further education.

The training includes hands-on activities and the Master Gardener Volunteers Extension Center demonstration areas (three main sections include the Indigenous Garden, Ornamental Garden and Garden), with a focus on educating the community. Members take care of their own lawns and gardens.

“The main gardeners will help you identify the plants, advise you on what gardening techniques to use and what changes you can make to improve your garden,” said Pabon. They will not go to your home in person and do the work for you, but they will be there to teach you and then you can make the best decisions for your garden. And because it is difficult to get the gardener out of the trash, they sometimes do some physical work! ”

Master gardeners are trained to provide reliable and reliable information when providing support and answering questions.

“Master gardeners are trained to use our university system, and when they receive questions, they provide research-based information to the community,” said Cindy Rutherford, the program’s administrative secretary.

To contact a master gardener who has questions about the law or gardening, call 321-697-3000, or email Paban at Applications are currently being accepted online For more information on this and other programs offered by the UF / IFAS Extension Osceola to the community, visit

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