The New University of Kentucky course provides an overview of the food system

Lexington, Ky.WTVQ) — a new course at the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment offers a food systems perspective.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sustainable Food Systems introduces students to the fundamentals of systems thinking from multiple disciplines and the different ways people view food systems.

As with UK, students will have the opportunity to meet and learn from a variety of Kentucky agriculture and food industry professionals. In this course, graduate students learn how to apply the interdisciplinary principles of agri-food systems.

Before the semester begins, students spend a week traveling around the state, visiting farms and meeting the people who work on them. They spent each day in different parts of the state, stopping at farms, food businesses and non-profit organizations. On the final day, participants toured UK’s campus kitchen to learn about the university’s hunger and food supply initiative and the UK’s local food systems institute, Food Connection.

Each week, students will have a food connection class where they will prepare a meal and discuss the food system. Krista Jacobson, associate professor and chair of the Food Connection faculty in UK’s Department of Horticulture, said the class is traditional but uses food connections to help students see through the lens of local food systems.

Class student Pam Holbrook, a farmer and Anderson County Farmers Market vendor, produces produce. “It’s like a Kentucky travel wish list to hit Marksbury Farm, Up Harvest and all those places, and he’s able to sit down and chat with a diverse group of students.”

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