The New York Mall will find a new owner

For a long time the beach mall was gaining new ownership and finally a new look.

Newington Park Mall on Wodbury Avenue was acquired by Tortton Property from Ustad Biddle, a real estate investment firm that has owned property since 1979.

“He plans to turn his property into a powerful, destructive destination that will benefit Newton and the surrounding area,” Tington said. The center is located between Fox Run and the Mall, and is home to Joan Textiles, a party town, El Rodeo Restaurant and Savings.

“We are thrilled to have Newtonton Park Shopping Center as an opportunity for the city and the surrounding coastal area,” said Jay Bissogano, general manager and general manager of Tringington Property. Newwington Park has the potential to be a destination for improving this overcrowded business and retail environment.

Tringington did not give any indication of what would happen to existing retailers in the mall.

Tringington has announced plans to demolish the closed cinema movie theater and build condoms. Tringington says 20% of the condos will be used for “labor housing”.

Aerial view of Newington Park Mall (Tringington Property)

Reporter Dan Alexander at or Twitter @DanAlexanderNH

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