The New York world-class Javites Center is home to urban agriculture

(Credit Javits Center)

As the Javites Center reopens the post-epidemic, the visual assembly center boasts 1 hectare of roofing, among other improvements and sustainability features.

Highlights The 1.2 million square foot expansion project, in collaboration with Lendlease, Turner Construction, TV Design and Stantech, includes the following.

  • Pre-functional space 113,000 square feet
  • 90,000 square feet of new main exhibition space
  • A flat roof that accommodates 1,500 guests
  • 480,000 square feet, 4-level marshmallow facility
  • 27 new loading docks
  • New meeting room space 107,000 square feet
  • A 1-hectare roof that produces up to 40,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables a year
  • 54,000 square feet Special event space

The project also includes the following 3000 solar panels It is installed on the roof and reduces flooding by 25% and removes 80% of the total suspended solids from the water. Similarly, 75% or more of all construction waste has been transferred from the landfill, and all construction materials have been selected with sustainable properties.

The Javites Center has already received LEED Silver status from the US Green Building Council, based on its sustainable performance, such as a 26% reduction in energy consumption, installation of energy-saving equipment, and the creation of a rooftop wildlife sanctuary.

The upgraded Javit Center will add 6,000 full-time and part-time jobs, 3,100 construction jobs, an additional 200,000 hotel nights per year, and $ 393 million a year to the new economy, contributing significantly to the region’s economic benefits.

“This expansion comes at a critical time for our city, state and industry and serves as a symbol of hope and rebirth for New York residents,” said Allen Steele, general manager of the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation. “By focusing on new dynamics and sustainability and efficiency, this project will reduce our impact on the community as it improves our work and allows us to host more diverse events than ever before.

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