The next chapter begins with the mango hybrids

Three hybrid mangoes will soon move on to their next commercial development, with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries taking over as the main licensing authority.

NMBP-1201, NMBP-4069, and NMBP-1243 were produced during the National Mango Growing Program, and more than 20 producers are now growing on fruit farms in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales.

The rights to these mangoes are currently protected by the rights of herders raised by IP Australia.

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CSIRO concluded the breeding program and, in 2015, followed the NMBP license agreement with the NMBP and state partners on trade rights for the three species.

Newmanco, CCCO, and state and territory partners have since met to form a new agreement in which the DAF will play a licensing role.

Newman’s Brett Kelly Newman said she fully supports the new project team and wishes every success.

Reproduction: DAF plays a licensing role for new mango varieties, including NMBP-1201.

As the new project team continues to bring these exciting varieties, Daff offers a wealth of health-promoting materials for those involved, as well as great news for farmers to care for their trees and for mango lovers. To market, ”he said.

According to Lyn Turner, General Manager of Vegetation and Forestry, DAF General Manager, the next step is to apply for a license from experienced agents to manage the distribution, growth and marketing of the species.

Intellectual Property Portfolio will include registered trademarks.

Those interested in distribution, growth or marketing opportunities can contact the business manager by email:

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The next chapter begins with the mango hybrids first appearing on the North Queensland record.

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