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This is another time of year when we provide up-to-date information on classes and courses for students and those looking to return to school in the Midlands. This feature is also intended to highlight career opportunities as well as third-party opportunities that are easily accessible to residents of the Midlands.

Many of you are looking forward to your exit on Friday, September 03, thinking that you will not be able to make a decision to move forward with your life until you know how to ‘get out’. While this may be the case for many students, those who are unsure of what to do should read this behavior carefully and know that there are many options for improving your life before you go to third grade. Education. Accredited training courses, internships and online studies are all ways to be open to you.


All of our advertisers in this category are happy to help students, mature students and those looking for career change. Last year and a half, most of the units were moved online, so they look forward to more face-to-face interactions this year. While there are still many online opportunities, there are many day and night physical courses offered. Atlon Training Center has a very informative website where advertisers offer a wide range of courses and can answer many questions you may have. However, if you see an interesting opportunity on these pages, do not be afraid to contact any of our advertisers.

Atlon Training Center – Future Training.


Don’t let expense become a thing of the past. “There is a way out” – you need to approach it this way to take the next step in your life.

There are many ways to support your future and your efforts will generally be rewarded as long as you are willing to put in the effort to achieve your goals.

There are a lot of jobs in the market right now, part-time, weekend work, seasonal newspapers and online employment agencies are constantly advertising for employees, so you probably get enough work to keep at least some of them. From your expenses. Once you have your own hard earned salary, it gives you freedom and motivates you to do your best.

It is important to attend courses that are farther away from where you live to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary transportation or rent costs. Make sure you check in your area to see if there are similar options. Living at home may not be appropriate for your “student” lifestyle, it can actually help keep costs down. You will save as much as you can by staying at home as long as your family agrees and offers a certain amount of weekly home care.

The St. Vincent de Paul Association is also a great help in times of need and, as you can see from the advertisement on this page, they also provide assistance to high school students or those in approved training courses. If you feel the need, do not be afraid to contact them.

Don’t do it. ”T stress

We know, it’s easy to say, “Don’t worry,” but try your best not to worry or worry about the future. No matter what position we take in life, each one of us can make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. Anxiety and stress are known to be a major cause of poor health, so try your best to be positive and take it one day at a time. If you set your mind on the golden opportunities that come your way, you will always find a job that suits you. If you feel you need it, don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. They believe that your future is bright.

St. Vincent de Paulos Association.

Continue your education at Dead Business College

MOTE Business College (MBC) is one of the largest colleges in the Midlands region with over 400 full-time students. With over 30 years of experience, the college has a reputation for providing learning opportunities that help students develop their skills and abilities, move on to higher education or career advancement. In addition to health care and social studies, MBC offers seventeen full-time courses in three classes – Business and IT, Art and Sport.

All are welcome

Students with different needs will be met: those who want to drop out of high school and prepare for third grade, for apprenticeship or skills and return to school after vacation. Students of all ages, nationalities and abilities will be accepted on MBC. Courses are offered by a dedicated team with high standards of teaching and learning. The friendly, creative, supportive and welcoming atmosphere at Mote Business College ensures that your time with us is enjoyable and satisfying.

Gifts and support

During extracurricular activities, students can apply for Susie’s financial aid, and tuition is available to those who need it, allowing everyone to reach their full potential.

If students need to do so, it is also possible to leave the certificate account. Job placements and field trips are an integral part of our programs, giving students an invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience. Mote Business College participates in the EU Erasmus + Program, which allows students to apply for jobs in other European countries. The college provides student-centered vocational counseling, supports students in their future career plans, and provides workshops, professional lectures and guest speakers from industry and third-party institutions.

Mature students

MBC supports narrowing the gap between graduating students and third graders. Students who want to improve their skills or return to school as an adult will also benefit greatly from the skills and experience offered through education. MBC has long-standing academic links with tertiary colleges in Ireland and the UK, and has a number of excellent bilateral arrangements with colleges and employers to increase employment opportunities for all students.

Mote Business College – Further Education and Training.

Aromaflex Universal Rehabilitation Academy (AURA)

Britta Stuart Dolan has celebrated and expanded the Aromaflex Universal Reflexology Academy (AURA), Beechlawns, Mullingar with 30 years of experience in Aromaflex. Her training unit to train and develop complementary therapies and advanced techniques as a therapist.

ITEC courses are offered through these internationally recognized AURA courses. Opportunity to learn online / mixed education, Britta aims to develop and bring these courses in such a time, so students can use herbal-based aromatherapy treatments to provide physical and holistic ways to improve health. , Relaxed Reiology and Through Diet and Nutrition. Also, with online / mixed education, British Training School allows students to learn in a relaxed, individualized manner.

Britta herself In 2000 (end of the Youth Business Region) and again in the year. In 2007 (she was the last contestant in the Westmez County Enterprise Award).

AURA offers diploma courses in Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Diet & Nutrition.

With over 12 monthly in-depth courses, the courses are accredited by ITEC / VTCT.

Aromaflex still promises quality and care for all customers. Contact Britain at or 044 934 5607 for more details.

Aromoflex Universal Rehabilitation Academy (AURA).

Decorate Automotive Apprenticeship Program

Decotech Automotive in Colenston is proud to employ more than 300 people in the Midlands, who specialize in making jewelry for the world’s most famous car brands. They are one of the few companies in the world that recognizes the importance of providing vocational training courses as their workforce continues to meet international standards.

It generally gives you the benefit of learning a skill or business to better equip you for the future. Learning a profession through college is one thing, but as an intern, any questions or problems you may encounter in apprenticeships can be handled there, and then through your assigned supervisor – there is no need to wait for answers. You will be given regular reviews to ensure you are well supported and at the right pace.

In most training programs you will receive a paycheck from your employer at all times and you will receive many rewarding employment benefits, such as your co-workers, holiday rights.

As most training programs are designed to have both work and college training, you can still experience student life without accumulating some of the debt that may be associated with high school. Many practitioners do what they like and easily climb the ladder in their chosen field. Along with general training, you will also qualify for an award-winning body, many of which are recognized around the world.

See the Decotech Automotive Notice on this page and consider applying for one of their training opportunities as a mechanic or supervisor. Send your CV to with any questions you may have about the training courses offered.

Decotech Automotive Training.

Back to school with LWETB – Learning for Life

The LWETB Supplemental Learning Center in Marlinstown, Mullingar is for adults who want to return to education (BTEI) through QQI Level 1 through QQI Level 4. To return to school or to learn new skills for the workforce. Our courses are designed to provide flexible options for students to integrate into families and work with learning.

The BTEI courses offered include:

  • QQI Level 3 Certification in Employment Skills

Suitable for those who are interested in preparing for labor.

Courses include: Professional preparation, personal efficiency, computers and retail knowledge.

  • QQI Level 3 Certification in General Education Creative Focus

Ideal for people who want to develop creativity.

Lessons include: Mosaic art, painting and music.

  • QQI Level 3 certification in general education with a focus on hairdressing

Ideal for people who want to plan a career in hairdressing.

Topics include: Drying hair, basin skills, roller processing and personal care and presentation.

  • QQI Level 4 Certification in Gardening

Ideal for people who want to plan a career in gardening.

Topics include: Growing Vegetables, Plant Identification, Establishing Trees and Shrubs, and Planting.

You will need to complete a brief essay and an informal interview for the introduction.

Lines of Progress – QQI Level 4 and Level 5 Programs at VTOS Center in Ogroni Drive, Mullingar, as a general education course from ICDL, Business Administration or Art and Design Portfolio Course. QQI Level 5 Hairdressing or QQI Level 5 Gardening Program in Belvedere, Mullingar.

For more information – Tricia Egglington on 086 832 0649 or

Go back to school with LWETB – Learn for LIfe.

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