The NH Guard is assisting Afghan refugees in New Jersey

Members of the New Hampshire Air Force 157th Air Rehabilitation Wing have joined a task force to assist in the arrival of Afghan refugees.

The 11 have been assigned to the Common Base Dix-McGuway-Lacharst in Central New Jersey until September 20. Derek Vanhorn, a spokesman for the Commonwealth, told Seostest.

The Task Force will provide housing, medical, logistical, and transportation assistance to Afghan individuals upon their arrival in the United States.

According to Vanhorn, the Department of Defense is working to provide “culturally appropriate food, water, bedding, religious services, recreational activities” to those in need.

“The New Hampshire Air Guard has a long tradition of volunteering to respond to our country’s call for support, and this is no different,” said Brigadier General Jade France, commander of the NH National Guard. I am proud of the short-lived volunteer airline to support our Afghan partners and their families.

The United States ended its long-running war in Afghanistan on Monday.

Reporter Dan Alexander at or Twitter @DanAlexanderNH

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