The Olympics are over, the county is coming!

Everyone has a role to play in climate change. ”- Marie Salois, Chief Executive Officer of the International Olympic Committee.

As Japan prepares for the Olympics, it emphasizes sustainability. The platforms were made of recycled plastic. Many places are rebuilt after the games. Gold, silver, and bronze are the products of the recycling industry in Japan. Olympic gold medals are 98.8% silver and 1.2% gold. Silver medals are pure silver. Bronze medals contain 95% copper and 5% zinc.

The initiative to reuse metal medals began in 2017. It has been more than two years since the equipment was donated. That was 78,985 tons, including 6.2 million cell phones. It took 35 to 40 cell phones to deliver one gram of gold. Amazing until you realize that only 3% of all electronics discarded in Japan have been recycled. Think about how many pounds of electronics are thrown in the US… and what precious metals can be saved. E waste is not biodegradable. Donate, sell or reuse phones.

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