The pianists will return to the plantation for five days this month

A.D. Flower Piano, which began in 2015 when dozens of pianos were scattered around the SF Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park, began in 2015. It will be back next week after it stops in 2020 – and this time usually happens in a sunny month in September. , Instead of foggy July.

A.D. After setting up an energetic piano in Half Moon Moon in 2013 and accepting people to play it, the Sunset Piano, a group led by artist Mauro ffortissimo, was the most popular event in the five years since the Piano Festival. The park. Some pianos are hidden in the gardens of the gardens, one in the middle of the great plain, and the other on the grass, in the “stage” of the Zerubachch Garden in the natural amphitheater.

And while Flower Piano offers a full program of local musicians known to use the piano, the crowd is free to play between those sets, and passers-by can pause and enjoy the music as they wish.

“Our community will come back at a perfect time,” said Phil Ginsburg, general manager of Reck and Parks.

Instead of two weekends, the flower piano will be held in September 2021 from just one long weekend, September 17-21.

You can find the full schedule of music here, and on Saturday, September 18 from noon to 3 p.m.

Access to the Botanical Garden is free for San Francisco residents, and $ 7 to $ 13 for non-residents – but everyone is encouraged to book tickets here (you can also donate to the Botanical Garden there).

Flower piano is always a special occasion when there is music all over the garden, and visitors should bring a picnic and a blanket and move as little or as much as they like.

Below is a preview of the 2019 Flower Piano.

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