The Polk County show is back to basics

Rickrell – Tina Anderson believes the Polish County highways cost about $ 450,000 after all 2020 activities were canceled due to the pandemic.

However, the justice manager will not be offended by what he cannot do this year. Instead, as the theme “Return to Our Roots” shows, the Polk County show will be on air this weekend, August 12-14.

“We’re probably one of the few shows in Oregon,” Anderson said. But we are your good old district where you can bring a lot of hardworking children.

For example, Anderson, unlike other shows, has not had a carnival for many years. However, 4-H and FFA show traditional competitions, including home-grown agricultural projects. These include gardening, poultry, oxen, and everything else in between. The competition will end on Saturday morning with an animal auction.

This year’s return is a fan favorite. There is a Ravid Express Express, a dinosaur kingdom, a photo booth from the Jurassic era (no fake barn here) and an Polish Soil and Water / OSU Extension Activity Area, including a Raptor Exhibition, a bicycle ride with your own soft, rock painting, fishing and Caesar No To develop pedal power.

Anderson said he made sure he didn’t miss high school firefighters’ demonstrations in the activity course, and at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. According to Sheriff Mark Garton, the PCC will display a display of vehicles on the boat, including a crime scene truck and patrol car, crime prevention equipment and volunteer applications.

“The booth is run by our various volunteers, so they will return to those,” Garton said. Search and Rescue, SALT (Sheriff Oaks law enforcement team) and reserve at different times throughout the day.

Anderson said there will be plenty of entertainment for organizations that are excited to attend the Polk County show, especially after last year’s loss.

The hell on Hooves Rough Stock Rodeo is Friday, and from 7 to 9 p.m.

It’s kind of like NASCAR, which is a really popular sport. But people are not there to watch the race. They are there to look at the ruins. And we have to break it every 8 seconds, ”White said.

Spectators can expect the return of the Rodeo, a popular rhode race, including the empty back, saddle bronze, bull riding, barrel racing, public favorite, and lamb.

Two other organizations are happy that they started for the first time after losing their glory last year. The American Thunder Troul Show is offering free rides on a monster car from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 to 5 p.m.

“We’re building a track similar to a motor corridor, with some hills, some eight, and a donut,” said Thunder American Kendra Dugger. This is certainly an experience for children, sometimes even for adults. ”

Then the Oregon Tractor Tractors Heritage Tractor Competition Competition in Arena on Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

For a while we waited. Unfortunately, we met Kovid last year. But they are coming back this year to do a show and I think it will be a very, very exciting time, ”said Finnister.

Although the show has a small, community-based set of amateur acts, there will be one big show to make sure you don’t miss out – Joe Shinkel and the return of 99 West.

The country / rock band returned to its hometown at 7pm on Friday night after completing two shows at the Yamil County show last week.

“I love this community. I want to live here, ”said Shinkel. “I do not mean everyone to be happy, but I am grateful to everyone who goes to or from our show. It means a lot to me. ”

For more information on the Polk County show, see the 2021 Fair Preview section included in this IO edition.

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