The puppy runs around the garden with his own vegetable pot

A video of a beloved puppy laying rings around its owner has caught the attention of the Internet.

Border Terrier-Patdale Cross 8 The second Brian clip has been uploaded to Twitter by owner Tony Hutton.

Tony told TeamDogs: “No matter how expensive the dog toy is, he always leaves something in the garden – a branch or a pot of herbs.

“He is not very old. There is no coordination or anything; It’s exciting to see him fall into action. ”

Tony’s daughter Katie, 22, was shot in the head by a 16-week-old boy as he ran around the family’s garden.

With Tony’s son, 21-year-old Danny, the hot pursuit, Brian’s limited vision soon after, the flower pot covers his face, causes a comical head-to-head confrontation with a nearby action.

“They love to play games together when he chases after them,” says 53-year-old Tony. My mom and dad live next door but they come one by one and like to play with him… If we need a dog keeper he can go and drop off their garden and living room a little bit.

Describing the new family member as “very stubborn,” says Tony, the young puppy says that he has “bad bones in his body.”

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This is the latest in a long line of popular puppies, as garden tools have long been popular.

“If I do anything in the garden, he will pick it up. You have saved, tested, and dragged the spy. The yard brush in particular – a long-handled six-foot-long backyard brush, has a lot of fun to pull. I don’t know what he thinks, but he loves it. ”

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