The purpose behind the awareness programs is to get an initial assessment of the problems and solve them – DC Katua

KATUWA, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) – Deputy Commissioner Katua Rahul Yadav gathered at the Royal Resorts Chadal Public Complaints Camp today to hear the public’s grievances. DDC Member Marhin Karan Atry: SDM Hiranagar, BDC members, XEN PWD, XEN PDD, XEN Ravi Tawi, Head of Agriculture, Head of Fruit and Vegetation Development, President Viapara Mandal Chadwal, Sarpans, Punches attended the event.

In addition to predicting the problems faced by PIS and social workers during the camp, the roads have been cut and repaired, to provide a new pipeline for Chadwell, and to start the bus service from Nagri to Jammu via the Cote d’Ivoire, etc.

The villagers had to go a long way to get the money, so Sarpanch Harry asked Patel to widen the road from Blashu Chu to Manari and install an ATM in the area. Sarpanch Chadwal Panchayat, Cement Sharma, began construction work by requesting funds for the authorized torture center.

The extension of the playground was also planned for the locals. They also questioned the complexity of toilets in the main market area. During the event, officials from the Department of Agriculture, Social Welfare and the Department of Vegetation and Fruit Department briefed the public on the various public safety programs and programs in their area and called on them to benefit from the plans and programs.

Speaking at the event, DDC member Marhen Karan Atri called on departments to take feedback from time to time on the implementation of plans on the ground. He urged all PRI members to work diligently for the safety of the people.

He asked for rivers on the Ravi Tawi Canal. Some issues raised by the PRS were resolved during the complaint settlement.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Katuwa Rahul Yadav said that the Côte d’Ivoire will be taken from Nagiri to Jammu bus service.

Regarding the irrigation problem, we were directed to the Irrigation Department to fix it.

He called on the public to pay their electricity bills on time and cooperate with the Department of Energy to solve their problems. He assured the public that the funds for the torture center would be taken by the relevant authorities.

DC says the purpose behind these programs is to first assess the problems and development needs of the people and develop strategies to address them in a timely manner.

He assured people that efforts would be made to address these issues.


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