The Red Zone of North and Kent Town fruit flies has been targeted

About 400 fruit trees will be targeted by bio-safety regulators as part of an effective approach to eradicating fruit flies in Newwood and Kent and protecting thousands of jobs in horticulture in South Australia.

The Marshall Liberal government has spent about $ 40 million to eradicate 18 fruit flies in Metropolitan Adelaide, Wonzland and Port Augusta.

According to David Basham, Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Nord and Kent Town were selected for the operation due to the large number of fruit flies found in the orchards.

“As of Monday, they will target 400 properties of fruit trees in Newwood and Kent,” he said.

To reduce the risk of fruit flies emerging and spreading during the summer months, this is a strategic focus on stopping the spread of fruit flies in the Nordwood area. Representing thousands of jobs and local businesses, we are stepping up our efforts to protect South Australia’s $ 1.3 billion horticultural industry from fruit flies.

“PIRSA staff from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) will be wearing orange uniforms with official IDs to help eliminate hazardous products from today.

Everyone should play a key role in eradicating the current fruit flies plague by quickly collecting fruit in your own gardens, collecting fallen fruits and vegetables from the ground, checking for fruit fly signs, and allowing our biosecurity officers to access your property. To do their work.

We have deployed 14,000 officers in the state to further stop fruit flies on the roads.

“We are looking for everyone to work together to eradicate fruit flies: At the end of the day, no one wants to be bitten by worms. The focus is on such things as vinegar, oranges, mandarins, lemons, lemons and grapes, as well as fruit flies.

“If you are not at home when the bio safety staff is visiting, there is information on how to contact PIRSA to arrange a follow-up visit to help clean the brakes.

“We encourage homeowners to eat, drink, cook or keep as much as possible, but please if you can’t get rid of the garbage in your closed green container – do not fertilize or bury it. We know fruit restrictions have been around for a long time, and we thank everyone for following them.

Check the Fruit Flies website or call the Fruit Fly Line on 1300 666 010 to find out if fruits and vegetables are at risk and find out what to do if you are in a red, yellow or green area.

Fruit fly restrictions will last at least until December 2021. For more information, visit

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