The Rehabilitation Club brings a quiet luxury and idyllic garden to Amagaset.

Hampton, unlike other summer transitions around the world, is not a recreational area. There you will not find a 200-room hotel with a five-star hotel chain, and you will not find a lot of swimming pools, restaurants and golf courses. Instead, each village has an excellent guest house and bedside breakfast, which is usually housed in luxurious historic houses or brown-tinted huts that reflect the quiet luxury.

One, after all, seems to have made this the preferred choice – the Amagasese Reformation Club.

Photo – courtesy of Elsie Taylor

You may not know it by name, but you can do it by sight – this year alone for Etro Vegetable Lunch, Tom Ford Fragrance Dinner, Jenny Kenny’s Summer Outing and the latest Sotheby’s Sorry – all of this summer’s fashion collection has hit social media. It is easy to see why confusing brands have chosen the East End as their destination – a five bucolic acre (significant by Hamptons standards), which includes a rotating lawn focused on sculptures, gardens, pink gardens and garden arches. They serve as natural boundaries.

The garden is of special value to the family’s chassis. (Lnerner serves as head of business development.) The family worked with Charlie Marder at Marder Kindergarten in Brighamton, on a brick-and-mortar apple tree from the north of England. “The garden has been a balanced and beautiful place all year round,” she says.

There is also a nearest café that serves everything from freshly baked bakeries to refreshing juices. Come in the evening, the outdoor fireplace is ready for fires.

Reconstruction Club Five Hectares of Land View.

View of the Rehabilitation Club’s five hectares of land.

Photo – courtesy of Elsie Taylor

There are many touches designed to make it easier to travel to the city – bike rack, with white and sea sailors. Canned cocktails and lemonade are right on the doorstep, filled with summer fruit juices to greet guests returning from the Indian Ocean coast.

Join one of the Reform Clubs.

Entrance to one of the Reform Club collections.

Collection seat.

Collection seat.

Photo – Courtesy of the Reformation Club

In the coffee and white carpeted main house, there is a series of sets, each with a living room, bedroom, fireplace and sky-high cathedral windows. The beds are made of matte fabrics, and the shelves are covered with L’Occitane products.

Then there are the three signature huts of the Reformation Club. Each is covered by a fence that allows guests to slip between social life and isolation. If you want to enjoy Wolver’s Kitchen on the main grass when you join others, it is also a good idea to eat on your porch away from prying eyes. For a family or a group of friends, a four-bedroom home is also a delight.

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Photo – Courtesy of the Reformation Club

Art, in a reform club, is everywhere. The tree logo was designed by Dan Rizzi and is part of the MMA permanent collection. Several paintings have been hung on the walls of the huts. Meanwhile, a series of black and white carvings by British artist Humphrey Oceans adorns many of the rooms, and is hung in Suite Six by Judith Riggle. Lener, on the other hand, says that it was wisdom that inspired him. “The rooms really made an excuse for the artwork to have their own set of emotions,” she says.

In recent years, the Hamptonites have been known for over-displaying, reminiscent of the Renaissance Club’s low-lying areas and a natural escape from the city.

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