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At the Gardens by the Bay, something polished by former pollen executive chef Michael Wilson.

Two months ago, the dynamic chef-owner brought a fresh breeze to the active garden with the Gelato Cafe Milo, a pet friendly for the golden recovery.

The dome of the flower soon followed by a long, beautiful dining venue Pollen was reborn as a margarita, the concept of her sister Fennel Cafe as fresh as Hortus.

Like the old Fennel Cafe, Hortus offers Mediterranean and Middle East tariffs – but only in this incarnation does the place really come to itself.

Upstairs, her neighbor Margarit has a nice dining area, and Hortus is a self-sufficient snack and home-cooked meal.

Sharing home-baked bread, grilled meats and spicy dishes are the order of the day – many from Chef Wilson’s daily favorites.

The best seats in the house are definitely under Pergola – a curtain made of light cotton with linen and at night shining with fairy tales.

Terracotta floors and upholstered wooden tables add to the backdrop on the Mediterranean porch; The sky stretches its bright blue over the dome of the flower.

In addition to the frequent advertisements on Intercom, it is a safe haven.

Pita bread is so important in any Mediterranean restaurant that you can easily skip it.

Hortus’ home-made pita bread ($ 5 for two) comes in a warm and surprisingly soft texture, and looks more like a pillow than flat bread.

For dips, there is a star-studded Hummus ($ 10) sprinkled with paprika, but we recommend the rare Muhamara ($ 10) flavor.

Roasted Red Bulgarian Pepper, Waltzes and Pomegranate This Aleppo brewery is brutal and smoky.

Another delightful beginner is Amberjak Crudo ($ 22) featuring delicious mouthwash with pomegranate molasses, bottled and olive oil with a sweet-smelling drop.

Want something more juicy? Watermelon salad ($ 15) topped with Greek feta cheese, onion, cinnamon and whiffs, with olives, their dried crumbs soft and fluffy.

Two breakfast cereals – yogurt and eggs – come with birilbir ($ 22). A pair of canned eggs are dipped in lamb yoghurt and placed on two roasted asparagus stems.

Tart yoghurt breaks down the rich core, resulting in a simple and surprisingly nutritious breakfast. Blend brown butter and a dash of aloe vera cream together.

Birilbir photo sleeping urban nomads

To share plates, highlights include Venus Clams ($ 35). Already, at first glance, our clams came with a perfect cream of garlic, chili and raki. However, the graduation is very important to us.

Fresh from wood chips, Fantastic octopus ($ 32) is well stocked on the outside without overheating. Dip one foot into warm paraffin, for example.

Delicious homemade cakes and toppings are a rotating choice.

We are not usually fans of salty caramel and its sticky properties, but our salty caramel tar ($ 12) is similar to the sweet light pudding inside, with roasted pine nuts. Lemon Meringue Tart ($ 12) Meanwhile, Amalfi’s Lemon Yogurt is a sweet treat.

Cocktail Choice Three: Only strong, but the real name of the Margarita Vegetable ($ 18) catches our eye. This gin-and-tonic seems to have helped in its setting, pouring peas and garnishing pea sprouts.

Interestingly, herbal notes evoke a hint of grass – ideal for admiring your lush surroundings.

Hortus at Flower Dome, # 01-09 Garden near Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Doctor, Singapore 018953, p. +65 6702 0158. Wednesday-Sunday 11.30 am-9pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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