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Class Horticultural Results Open

Unless one display is specified, it contains three well-developed samples. The exhibition should promote all products. When weighed on a product, it is a guide rather than a bulk for the quality and quantity of the actual use. To judge each case individually. Proper ripening, good quality, no oil or wax, quantity correct, corn without corn.

Section VII – Vegetation, Crops

Class 700: Myth Garden: Part 1: Over 10 inches in diameter, 1st Wendy Miller, Pomeroy, OH.

Section 701-Grains (shown in 1 gallon pot or zip lock bag) -Part 10: Corn Rod (3) 1st David King, Pomeroy, OH; Episode 11 Sunflower Head, 2nd Wondy Miller.

Episode 702 – Potatoes – Episode 13 – Yukon Gold, 1st Python Bailey, Rassin, OH, 2nd Opal Dyer, Bidwell, OH, 3rd Laurel O. Section 14 – Kenneth, 1st Ella Bailey, Rassin, O, 2nd Opal Dyer, Bidwell, OH; Class 15 Red, 1st Opal Dyer, 2nd Maxine Dyer.

Section 704 – Vegetables – Section 20 – Green Cabbage (1), 1st Nora Pears, 2nd Kinsley Elam, Rasin, O; Section 23 – Tomato, Red, 1st Norma Pierce, 2nd Kinsley Elam, 3rd Darling Hays, Pomeroy, OH; Section 24 – Tomatoes, Yellow, 3rd Everett Haggins, Rutland, Oh; Section 25 – Tomato, Pear Red or Yellow, Opal Dyer; Section 26 – Tomatoes, Roma, 1st Ronda El Deli, Wendy Miller, 3rd Opal Haggins, Rutland, OH; Section 27 – Tomato, Cherry or Wine, 1st John Lechler, Rutland, Ow, 2nd Everett Hagwin, Rutland, OH, 3rd Sarah Ervin, Rasin, OH; Section 28 – Tomatoes, Name Differences, 1st Vivian R. Higgs, Rutland, OH; Section 29 – Green Paul Beans, 1st Pat Harris, Pomeroi, OH, 2nd Elizabeth Harris, Pomeroy, OH; Section 30 – Green Bush Beans, 1st Kinsley Elam, Rasin, OH, 2nd Nora Pierce, 3rd Darlene High; Episode 31 – Lima Beans, 1st

Maxine Dyer, 2nd Opal Dyer; Section 32 – Garlic, 1st Maxine Dyer, 2nd Opal Dyer; Section 33: Yellow Onion 1s Opal Dyer, 2nd Maxine Dyer; 34th Class – Onion, 1st John Lechler, 2nd Opal Dyer, 3rd Maxine Dyer; Episode 35 – Bell Pepper, 1st Nora Pierce, 2nd Ronda El Deli, 3rd Kinsley Elam; Class 36 – Fresh Pepper, 1st Opal Haggins, 2nd Kinsley Elam, 3rd Deborah Mohler, Pomeroy, OH; Section 37: Sweet Banana Pepper, 1st Ronda El Daily, 2nd Theresa Wilson, Rasin, OH, 3rd Nora Pierce; Episode 42 – Pumpkins, 1st Nora Pierce, 2nd Ronda El Deli, 3rd Opal Dyer; Section 43 Pumpkin Pump (1), Wendy Miller; Section 44: Field Pumpkin (1), Darlene Hays; Section 45 Cusha (1), 2nd Marsha W / Nagi, Rutland, OH; Section 46 – Zucchini (1), 1st Kinsley Elam, 2nd Nora Pierce; Section 47 Summer Squash (1), David King, Pomeroy, OH; Section 53 Two-Colored Sweet Corn, 1st Nora Pierce, 2nd Darling Hays.

Section 707 – Apple – Section 58 – Jonathan, 1st Darlene Hays; Section 59: The Beauty of Rome, 1st Robert A. Bailey; Episode 62 – Grimm Golden, 1st Maxine Dyer, 2nd Opal Dyer.

Section 708 – Another Fruit – Section 66 – Wine, Concord, 1st Elizabeth Harris, 2nd Pat Harris, 3rd Robert Bailey; Section 67 – Wine, Niagara, 1st Robert Bailey; Section 69: Pear (name difference), 1sOpal Dyer, 2nd Maxine Dyer; Section 74 Blackberry (name difference), 1st Maxine Dyer; 2nd Opal Dyer.

Section 709 – Best Garden Showcase – (No more than 24 “sq. Ft., No more than 30 items, at least 10 different species)

Section 710 – Large Sample – (Items are weighed and measured) Section 76 – Large Potato, 1st Python Bailey, 2nd Maxine Dyer; 3rd Opal Dyer Class 77: Big Pumpkin, 1st Wendy Miller; Section 79: Big Apple, 1st Maxine Dyer; 2nd Darling Hays, 3rd Opal Dyer; Section 80 – The Big Tomato, Ronda El Dali; Episode 81 – Big Beat, Donna Jenkins; Section 82 Big Pumpkin, 1st Opal Dyer, 2nd Wendy Miller, 3rd Maxine Dyer; Section 83 Big Onion, 1st Teresa Wilson, Rasin, OH, 2nd Opal Dyer, 3rd Maxine Dyer; Section 86 Biggest Squash, 1st Wendy Miller, 2nd Isaac Lewis, Mason, W, 3rd Deborah Mohler; Section 88 – The Big Ear of Corn, 1st Darlene Hays; Section 90 – The Longest Cucumber, 1st Male Miller; Section 91 – Long Beans, 1st Everett Haggins, Rutland, OH; Episode 92 – Big Zucchini, 1st Natasha Bessley, Pomeroi, OH, 2nd Ella Bailey, 3rd Deborah Mohler.

Section 711 – Frequent Vegetables – Section 93 – Freezing Vegetables (1), 1st Maxine Dyer, 2nd Darling Hays, 3rd Opal Dyer; Section 94: Fracture Fruit (1), 1st Opal Dyer, 2nd Wendy Miller.

Section 712 – Plants – Section 95 – Mint, name difference, 1st Elizabeth Harris, 2nd Donna Jenkins, 3rd Maxine Rose; Section 96: Chives, 1st Pat Harris, 2nd Maxine Rose, 3rd Deborah Mohler; Episode 97 – Tim, 1st Donna Jenkins; Section 98 Basil, 1st Deborah Mohler, 2nd Elizabeth Harris, 3rd Donna Jenkins; Section 99 – Rosemary, 1st Deborah Mohler; Episode 100: Wise, 1st Donna Jenkins, 2nd Deborah Mohler, 3rd Pat Harris; Episode 101 – Parsell, 1st Pat Harris, 2nd Deborah Mohler, 3rd Elizabeth Harris; Episode 102 – Dill, 1st Pat Harris.

Wendy Miller will be seen collecting her best garden display to enter the Open Garden Garden at the 2021 Magnes County Show. Miller said she has grown many different vegetables this year to include in her display.

Lorna Hart is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

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