The role of parents and caregivers at Balcler High School

The principal, Mrs. Katherine Bell, and all the staff at Balcler High School were delighted with the GCSE results for 12th graders.

Ms Bell said: “Of the 12 percent of our year, 73 percent have earned at least a GAC ​​level of A * to C. This is a truly remarkable achievement and a 5 percent increase over last year’s results.

They have performed much better than our students. It is exciting to see how many students are doing so in this way.

Mrs. Wilson, Harry Wilson and Olivia Wilson.

There were happy young people and staff in the school auditorium, much to the delight of parents and caregivers. Our young people deserve this high level of success, they have worked hard, with determination, perseverance and maturity. Dropping out of school due to the CVD-19 epidemic will not hinder their success.

“Overall, the team of the year did more than we expected and the results in most of the subjects showed improvement over the past year. This is an incredible achievement because of the hard work of students and staff.

“It is encouraging for staff to see clear evidence that our broad and balanced curriculum is accessible to students, that our students are supported, and that they are doing well in all GCSE and BTEC Level 2 courses.

Ms. Bell added, “Many of these results are unique in food preparation, horticulture, business services, graphic design and web development and in carpentry and iron ore.

Harry Magdalene, Matthew Bell, Caleb Warring and Rice Magge.

It is important for us to continue to build our curriculum to better meet the needs and talents of our students and this is becoming increasingly successful.

“As in previous years, but especially this year, we accept the support of their parents and guardians and the role they play in supporting their young people as they work toward their goals. Parents and carers play a significant role in the success of Balcler High School.

All 12 students of the year deserve these exciting results and many hope to return to school to take on more academic challenges. We expect this year’s sixth form to be replenished.

“Many others have found places at North Regional College, Belfast Matthias and Greenmont and Lawry Agricultural Colleges, and we wish them all the best. We also congratulate the students who have successfully completed training places in the local business.

Mrs. Kell (Principal), Emily Burke and Mrs. Burke.

“It is always a joy for students to be rewarded for their hard work and to share in their many accomplishments. We wish you continued success as an employee and wish you all a very successful year.

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Price of Casey McLaarty and Jessica.

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Katie Porter and Mrs. Gilowy.
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