The safety of New Holland benefits gardeners and the local community

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New Holland Health Garden

CNH Industrial workers at the Pa Manufacturing Station in New Holland, PA, are proud to have their health garden rebuilt. Starting in 2017, the garden will not be limited to local workers. It also feeds the community.

Chris Reader, CNH’s industry safety and environmental manager and first project manager, explains how it all started: Here in New Holland, when we donate food to CrossNet Ministries Food Pantry, the Wellness Garden allowed us to do that. We got wood, made high beds, got seeds, and helped volunteers take care of the garden. We provide food for needy families once a week.

“Last year, we stopped the garden because of VV,” said CNH Industrial Capital Accounting Services and current project manager. “Most of our volunteers were not there and had to drive. This year, however, we have 9 volunteers who help with watering, weeding, and harvesting vegetables. We usually supply 50 to 100 pounds of vegetables a year from the 2 beds to the food bank. Our goal is to build 2 more beds by the end of this season to increase our production next year.

May Hugenbruck, CNH Industrial Service Manager, explains what volunteerism means to her in the garden: “Working in the office gives me a chance to relax, get fresh air and do something worthwhile. It is very rewarding to see what we sow, grow and reap. It’s for charity, and it gives me a good feeling to know what we are doing.

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