The school grounds garden provides a room for Elon Elementary students to grow

ELON, NC (WGHP) – At Elon Primary, you love to think and plan big!

“They dreamed of having an outdoor classroom,” says teacher Sandra Byz. Have beds for every classroom you want. Make room for a gardening club. To have a place for the disabled ”

So she and another teacher, Stessie Johnson, started working with the help of the community and getting help. And soon the garden was being built.

“Influence Alamins was a great gift,” Base said. And then I had Captain Planet, a small fundraiser here on Dolce. We are fortunate to work with the community. We had Eagle Scout Projects, Girl Scout Silver Awards. So it only takes a great deal of effort to integrate it. ”

Much work was done during the summer by teachers and volunteers. It was hot, hard work, but Base says, “It was worth every hour.”

“These children are very happy and just happy to be here,” she said. He is just as powerful as a teacher.

She says the opportunities for such a place are endless.

“We try to teach our children how to grow,” says Base. “If you can teach them what they need, they can grow up and have that opportunity. Children do not always understand that food does not come from cans or boxes or bottles. This allows you to see for yourself where to start and is just a healthy lifestyle.

For students, it’s fun. Ashley Felly and Auri Breem, members of the Garden Club, love to work in the gardens and look forward to next year’s event.

“It was a difficult year for us to do imaginary things, but we were really far away from the rest of the garden,” says Faile. But I think we will work harder on that bed this year because we have a garden club bed and after school we come and work on it every Thursday.

And they have big plans to plant vegetables in their beds. From compost beds to pollen gardens, everything is small. Galvanized beds for planting and many years of planting, as well as areas for special gardens.

Gardens are a way to enhance the school’s international education.

“It’s one thing to be able to talk about it in class,” says Base. “When kids go out here and realize they have a role, they are part of growing something that helps feed someone who can’t afford to go to a grocery store, they teach selfishness. To begin with, they are teaching human kindness and everything that should be in the human curriculum, and this garden has given us many opportunities to influence our future. These children grow up knowing that I can make a big difference. And it starts here in our backyard. ”

The next step is a covered kitchen area to show you how to cook healthy foods.


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