The School of Technology has announced a new gardening course

Rockland: Middle Beach School’s technology adult education program has added Jean Voss, a senior gardener in the 2021 harvest program to offer a three-week course.

It will be held three consecutive Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

This series of programs goes hand in hand with what one needs to do to get the property, including gardens – from clearing the garden to protecting trees and shrubs. It is presented monthly. As the course progresses into the winter, Vos will discuss how and where the Maine pollen goes. Also included is a presentation on winter birds – how to attract and retain them.

Vose has two main needs in life: gardening and pollen. She is a leading gardener and certified gardener in Nobleboro, where she has built gardens to attract florists and other useful creatures.

A.D. The first house, built in 1910, features a farm that was limited to more than 10 acres[10 ha]of open space and mixed wood. The gardens contain vegetables, foliage, ornamental grass, trees, and shade. Most of your garden has been established for 20 years.

Voss has been a “bird” for many years, and in the winter he counts birds for the Cornell project. She is a retired nurse and office manager, sharing her life with her golden keeper, her cat, her garden and wildlife.

Call 596-7752 for more information. 3 or to register:


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