The ‘Secret Garden’ in need of help requires donations to bring the PHS space back to life

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Odessa, Texas (Nexstar) – Some call Permian High School a ‘secret garden’.

Luis Trejo Funetes, an art teacher at the school, is working with students and other teachers to clean up the festival.

“We have a lot of students in a bad situation and school is a safe place,” Fuentes said. “If you can’t get the experience [having] Christmas at home, and then we try to give it to them.

The garden needs a lot of help.

Artist Cheryl Strling: “This’s a great place to start as a living space. Failed.

The garden is over 20 years old.

“Most of the trees you see are now 20- to 25-year-old trees,” said art teacher Pam Burkhauter.

Stribling We headed in the garden after a winter storm.

“One of the most beautiful trees in the world is half gone,” she said.

They need the help of the community to bring the plant back to life.

“The plan is to re-clean it and turn it into an event venue and turn it into an art gallery,” Fuentes added.

They are trying to increase the Christmas spirit this season.

“We really look forward to lighting Christmas, any lights [for] Out of the house, please send them out. ”Stirling shared. “The kids want this to be a wonderful country.”

She says she wants to be a place where students like Alisa Bresil can be welcomed.

“I went through the years and it was like that and he was always really dead,” Beserel said.

The hope is to bring light to the garden next year.

“I just want to be a place where students can be welcomed,” she said.

Christmas decorations are now being gathered for the garden. The garden also needs volunteers to clean it up.

Call (432) 456-0039 and ask Mr. Funetes if you would like to donate your time or makeup.

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