The Senate’s proposal recommends repealing Australian travel visa regulations

Canberra, September 2 (Xinhua) – A two-year Senate inquiry has called for Australia’s temporary immigration system reform.

The report, released Wednesday night, offers 40 recommendations for change, including the repeal of the 88-day travel visa rule.

As a rule, travelers on a 12-month work holiday visa must complete an 88-day seasonal work in Australia to qualify for a second year visa.

For third-year visa holders, regional work must continue for another six months.

The chairman of the committee, Senator Raff Sicon, for his part called on the program to focus on “facilitating cultural exchange” rather than labor.

People who spoke to our committees told parliament they were satisfied with the report after the report, telling parliament that Bandida’s solutions and lack of system improvement were lacking.

The request heard evidence of widespread temporary visa worker exploitation, salary theft, physical abuse and sexual harassment.

According to research by the Union of New South Wales (NSW) and the Refugee Workers Center, 78 percent of fruit and vegetable workers are underpaid.

“Almost every one of them has a story to tell, and that is the story of a corrupt system that can’t reach those who need it,” Sicon said.

The report requested that the refugee be empowered to audit businesses suspected of exploiting workers.

It is recommended that the Fair Work Ombudsman be replaced with a “greater focus on the role of Australian industrial law enforcement”.

Associations can play a constructive role by taking actions that address the problem of exploitation and prevent it from being taken under the rug, Sikon said.

Encouraging temporary visa workers to join a union provides additional protection and support.


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