The state needs ideas to make Hawaii’s specialty crops more competitive

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The State Department of Agriculture plans to provide $ 500,000 in grants to make Hawaii special crops more competitive.

According to a news release released on Thursday, the department is currently accepting applications under the Special Crop Banning Grant Program. The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the congressional hearing about that were coming from.

Specific crops specified by the USDA include fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Most of Hawaii’s diverse agriculture is under this unique crop name. Qualified plants must be cultivated or cultivated by humans for food, medicinal purposes and / or satisfaction in order to be considered special crops.

The goal of the support program is to support projects that can provide maximum measurable benefits or return to investment in the Hawaii Special Crop Sector, the report said. Projects should increase the competitiveness of Hawaiian specialty crops both at home and abroad. Prioritizes projects that increase the production and / or consumption of specialized crops and / or projects that promote the development of beginner crops and organic operations.

Last year, the Department of Agriculture awarded $ 430,600 to $ 10 for a total of 430,600 to 10 projects for coffee production, floriculture marketing, Tilif propaganda, food security training programs, and programs to help grow many fruits and vegetables. , Including taro, curry, cacao, Chinese and mustard cabbage and tomatoes.

Awareness meeting for those interested in applying for assistance will be held on Tuesday at 10 am. Visit Pwd = TG93d2lQdE0rU0NSM3VVMTNQUUJIZz09 to join the meeting. The meeting ID is 936 7148 9327, and the password is HDOAMDB.

Application deadline is June 24.

For more information, visit or contact the Yukashi Smith Market Development Branch at (808) 973-9627 or Yukashi.M.Smith @

For details on the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, visit

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