The “Steal This City” movie festival is coming to Community Gardens from September 9-12

The Restored Urban Museum has been collaborating with Loisida Center and ABC No Rio for the past five decades in New York City. The ninth annual film festival, hosted by the local community gardens, is titled “This City Stealing – NYC Skills in Film” and will feature a collection of film and guest speakers starting Thursday at 9:00 p.m. Until Sunday, September 12.

They write: “The four-day event in the Community Garden Selection shows how another world of activist-driven careers can take place in a real estate-controlled city.

Friday night checks, “Stealing this image from an artist’s public space” In Gilbert Community Garden (370 East 8th St.) he explores two famous works of art, known as LES, ABC No Rio and Revington School:

Anti-Creo (1988, 30 mins) – Director Monti Cannes

Revtonton Statue, a collection of cuneiform gravel culture, garbage beauty, and junk art from Revington Sculpture Garden, a collection of bed frames, shopping carts, car doors, and other city garbage. Without legal permission, the team has shifted from a blank slate to a continuous form of animation. For three years, the garden was used as a free space for social events, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and celebrations, until it was bulldozed in late 1987. Not to be outdone by Cancine Films is an amazing addition to this rare, poetic documentary.

156 Rivington (2003, 56 min) – Director Andrea Meller

156 RINGINGTON ”For more than 20 years, ABC No Rio has explored the cultural sensitivity of the United States, a joint venture of artists, punks, activists, anarchists, and other major groups. . ”

Watch the full program and buy tickets through Eventbrite

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