The Swartmore resident won the American Garden Club Award for his work with Chester Eastwood Garden

Chester – Swarthmore Swarthmore Barbara Nagel, coordinator of the St. Paul Community Garden for Chester Estates, Inc., is one of 20 recipients nationwide at the Elizabeth Abernati Hall Hall Garden Club in the United States. The annual award recognizes the outstanding achievement of continuing early childhood education. A $ 1,000 honor and fellowship check was recently presented by Weeders Garden Club members.

“(Backyard volunteer) Kate McAlster told us about Barbara while we were traveling at Jenkins Arborure,” said club member Julie Devono. She talked about the wonderful things that are going on in the garden, and we realized that she was the perfect person for the prize.

One of the enrichment clubs offered at CEI Out-of-School Program and Summer Camp Phoenix, Community Park provides practical and outdoor instruction for K-8th grade children. Children can learn about plant life and nutrition, including trying hard-earned fruits and vegetables and sharing them with their families and communities.

For Nagel, a community garden is a nine-month project. In her direction, the children begin to sow seeds during the winter lighting, move them to the garden in the spring, and care for the plants until they are ready to pick or pull from their adult helpers, watering, weeding. Flowers are placed on the sidewalk to make the garden more attractive to the neighbors.

The three-season process appreciates the plant life cycle from seed to shoot next year. Nature provides a good example of how to work in harmony, allowing more of the pollen to visit the flowers in the cave and allow them to grow fruits and vegetables.

“Children can suffer from plant blindness – not understanding how things grow or where their food comes from,” said weed president Karen Shepard. “When you look at it in the ground, you realize that it did not come from a package.”

The garden is to fill the children’s minds and stomachs. When Nagel’s hands do not dig into the ground, he plans to write. Older children carry writing magazines; They draw non-reader images and learn new words to put with them to express their views. The garden library, full of age-appropriate books, is used as a resource to learn about bed bugs, birds and plants, how important barrels of rain, and how food affects our bodies.
The Penn State Delaware County Master Gardeners Community Gardener is awarded annually, ranking first in 2018 and 2019 and ranked fifth among the 2,600 community distribution centers registered in the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society harvesting program last year. More than ፓ 700 worth of products are included in the package provided by CEI’s Hunger Safety Net. The program provided 3,143 sacks last year and provided 1,117 families with three meals a day for six meals a day.

Nagel was unaware of his candidacy in the winter. Appropriately, McAlster and the organizers DeVuono, Shepard and Jennifer Fryberger visited the garden to give a presentation.
“I am amazed and honored to receive this award from the American Garden Club. “I am proud to work with so many talented volunteers who have helped bring Chester East children to the garden,” said Nagel. “It’s great to see them get their hands on the soil and learn about the sun, water, soil, worms and insects and grow healthy fruits and vegetables for their families.”

The Mind, Body, Soul and Purchasing event comes to the Autograph Brassry

Girlfriend is invited to the she-cation booth at the Autograph Brasserie, 503 W. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, Wednesday, July 20, from 7-9 p.m.

Women can enjoy a little spa treatment and health and wellness products, find local bookmakers to pick up summer readings and buy the latest fashion, jewelry and accessories as well as the best gifts and things to have at home. The event offers free gifts and sample products.

Tickets are $ 20 and include a glass of wine and a ticket to win one of 32 amazing incense prizes. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at

Lynnilla Orchids Food Truck Frances offers international treatments

Food trucks Food trucks from around the world will be available at the Lvivilla Orchard Food Frequency, Saturday, June 18 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. BBQ, Mexican, Burger, Sweets, Phili Favorites and more will be on display. The taste of the audience. The event will take place in the rain or light.

While eating and dancing in the afternoon, guests can enjoy the Bill Currier Duo music style. The Lenville Orchids also offers hieroglyphics, train rides, your-wwn fruit and face painting for a fun family event.
The ship’s bottom brewery, on site, also has crafts for every beer and wine sold.

The Linville Orchids is located at 137 W. Knowlton Road, Middletown. For more information call 610-876-7116 or visit

They are now here to take part in the annual West Chester Christmas parade.

The West Chester Chamber of Commerce will open applications for the West Chester Christmas Parade on Friday, December 2.

Demonstrators are invited to visit to complete the 2022 Demonstration Application Form. Applications will be continuously reviewed by the procession committee, and the maximum number of units allowed in the procession may be received before the application deadline of August 1, 2022. Local entries are a priority during the review process.
Non-profit entries are available for 501 (c) (3) and 501 (c) (6) organizations for $ 300 to support the cost of providing the parade. Entries that are directly related to a for-profit entity are available for $ 1,000. Businesses and organizations can sponsor a professional or group for $ 2,500, so they support martial arts to attract visitors to West Chester shops, restaurants and businesses.
West Chester Christmas Parade is the highlight of the West Chester County holiday weekend in West Chester County from Thanksgiving weekend to New Year’s weekend.
Among this year’s most intriguing participants and sponsors are Lamb McArlan PC and Tree House World Adventure Park, a Santa Claus-only floating creator.

Parade spectators can focus on the local scene, with some of Chester County’s most creative designers floating in the flames of the area, local exclusions, including nationally known marching bands.

For more information, visit–christmas-parade.html or contact the Greater Chester Chamber of Commerce at 610-696-4046,

Readers can email community news and photos to Peg DeGrassa at

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