The ‘teaching garden’ of the crops shows how customers grow food

OVERLAND PARK, CANNE – Every Saturday morning, major gardeners such as Mary McLurry volunteer at the teachers’ garden outside the community food network Kansas City, Missouri.

“It’s great to go out and do meaningful work in the garden,” says McLurre. It really doesn’t seem like work.

Her “job” is to show people how to grow their own products. The garden is filled with kale, lettuce, tomatoes, egg yolks, peppers, and more.

“[Fresh produce] It’s what customers want most, ”said McLuire.

The numbers speak for themselves. A.D. They distributed 17 million pounds of produce by 2020. This can be done in partnership with large farms and other donors. The small garden on the grounds is not intended to provide a food network for the community.

“I like the story of someone giving a fish today, he is not hungry today. But he taught him to teach fish and he never starved, “said Jean Halenan, manager of crop communications.” This is similar to the garden. Teach them how to garden and they will always have good and healthy food.

Macklech and other gardeners teach customers the ropes on Saturday mornings. Visit the Crop website for information on arranging a demonstration garden tour.

For those who are interested in starting their own garden, her advice is to start small, grow something they enjoy eating (her salad and cherry tomatoes are easy for beginners) and include flowers to attract pollen. Also, make it fun.

She has planted a garden for pizza soup and spices – plum tomatoes, oregano, basil, onions and peppers.


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