‘The typical mushroom trade is a low margin, a large margin’

Joe and Dolores Gorman, Garishinch Co Offaly; Conversation with Garcinich Wood Special Mushrooms That is a farm, Editor Katrina Kunane, part of this week’s Farmers’ Focus.

After exploring various farms, we began growing mushrooms in the 1980’s. Growing mushrooms is a journey of life. They learn new things every day.

It is multifaceted and requires many different subjects.

The most important requirement is resilience, but you also need to be good at technical things, business, human management, sales, customer service, etc. and growing mushroom farming skills.

I am a full-time organic mushroom producer, and use the mushroom mat to grow and cultivate my own land.

In addition, I have completed mushroom growing courses in Ireland and the Netherlands over the years and in business training. I used to be a farmer.

Garryhinch Wood Exotic Mushrooms

The Garryhinch Wood Exotic Mushroom Limited team includes Dolores and me along with eight wonderful staff members.

The size of the farm is approximately 10,000 m2. Growing mushrooms is a safe gardening activity in an environmentally controlled home.

Today we grow organic exotic mushrooms: shitak, gray, pink, yellow, king and golden oyster, forest namkeo, maitake and lion mane.

Our mushrooms grow on the basis of well-chosen hardwoods, which provide essential nutrients for mushroom growth.

Growth is carried out in an environmentally controlled mushroom house to effectively control the effects of heat, humidity and light.

Development processes and protocols vary from one to another. Growth times vary from species to species.

Harvesting is a masterpiece by operators. Quality control must be strict when serving the desired customers.

All mushrooms should be weighed, packaged and labeled in a pre-packaged home before entering our temperature control vehicles on the market every day. Growing mushrooms is a business seven days a week.

The entire supply chain is temperature controlled so that our customers can receive products as hot as possible, especially in the fall, within 24 hours.

Our clients are retailers, wholesalers, catering services, hotels, restaurants and farmers. Our mushrooms also serve as an ingredient in ready-to-eat foods.

Our mushrooms are organic-certified and chemically free.

Garcinchch wood special mushrooms, mushroom farm, mushrooms, opali


This whole growth cycle involves a cycle and is carried out without any chemicals.

The wood (solid wood) and other essential elements are all organic to form the foundation, and all growth processes and protocols, etc., are all organic.

We are certified by the Irish Organic Association and are regularly audited to ensure compliance. This ensures that our customer base is assured and that the complete supply chain is organic.

Benefits of Organic Products Our customers know that the product is a 100% natural product that has grown locally in a sustainable way.

Garrison wood special mushrooms, mushroom farm, mushrooms, opali

Outbreaks of CV-19

Since the Cove 19 issue, we have developed and improved strict measures on our farms to protect our employees, ourselves, our customers and our suppliers.

All staff have temperature checks, etc. at the entrance. We always wear masks, sterilize and wash our hands. Also, we clean and sanitize the floor regularly throughout the day.

We do not allow visitors to the site without strict protocol.

As a business, our responsibility is to protect everyone in our supply chain, whether we meet in person or product.

Due to the disruption of orders from hotels, restaurants, wholesalers, etc., Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on our food service.

Retail and farmers’ markets have grown rapidly to close the gap of other losses. The big lesson here is that there are many marketing options to reduce business risk.

In conclusion, after the initial shock and market loss, our business has recovered well.

Garcinchch wood special mushrooms, mushroom farm, mushrooms, opali

Challenges -Competition and costs

Brexit, In 2016, the first 25% negative sterling in Sterling forced us to close our business in one night and close the business in late 2016.

We have started our new organic mushroom business from zero on 2018.

Since then. At the beginning of 2020, Kovid-19 hit, and 30% of our business disappeared overnight.

Coping with these business shocks requires a lot of perseverance! In an ever-changing world, one faces new challenges in the marketplace.

Low margin, high volume business

The biggest challenges today are labor availability, and over the past year all costs have increased dramatically, mainly due to Brexit results and VV-19 issues.

The market is always challenging, but we are in the mushroom sector.

The traditional mushroom trade, driven by technological advances, has intensified over the past 20 years. With the United Kingdom being our largest market in Ireland, there are always daunting challenges.

The typical mushroom business is a low margin, a large-scale business, and it operates on a scale. However, we are now in a small hut area, and our goal is to serve this small hut well.

Our mushrooms are organic, which is the main difference. Strange mushrooms are relatively new to Ireland, and there are only a few players.

The cost of entering this market is high. Being able to grow on a wood-based substrate gives us a competitive advantage because our product is of the highest quality and has a longer shelf life than other mushrooms grown on other surfaces.

When we sell all products in the Republic of Ireland, we do not export today. However, we are open to export in a certain format in the future.

Prices for additional guest items vary from € 10.00 / kg upwards of € 2.00 / kg depending on our region.

Our cost base is high because we are using wood flooring because it costs more because we are organic.

Garcinchch wood special mushrooms, mushroom farm, mushrooms, opali

The future

We plan to serve this small market well and invest in innovation and development to develop new and diverse products.

Over the next five years, we want to be a successful player in this small cottage area and continue to do business in the future by introducing new exciting offerings.

At some point in the future, we will leave this business on a daily basis. However, we want to think that others will continue the business after a long time.


Over the years we have made many mistakes in the mushroom and we have learned a lot. We cannot live in the past in an ever-changing world, and we are confident that the future holds many exciting opportunities and, of course, challenges.

A.D. In 2018, we established this business from the first business ash.

We have defeated Brexit and hopefully Kovid-19. We look forward to the future by learning that we need to be flexible in a strong and ever-changing marketplace.

The mushroom business is hard and challenging, but it will not be boring.

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