The US government is committed to doubling farmers’ incomes – Minister

State Minister of Gardening and Agricultural Marketing, Siriram Chahan, said on Monday that the state government is committed to double the income of farmers and ensure good prices for their crops.

Speaking at the awareness program organized by the PhD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Uttar Pradesh, Chauhan said, “Farmers are the backbone of the country’s economy. The regional government is working to double the income of farmers, ”he said.

He emphasized the need to use new techniques in fruits and vegetables to increase crop production.

The program is designed to improve the productivity of farmers and other stakeholders in the field of horticulture, innovation and technological advancement, and to increase farmers’ incomes.

Congratulations to the Chauhan farmers on the occasion.

In the workshop, former Secretary General Alok Ranjan emphasized linking farmers to entrepreneurs so that farmers can have a better market and value for their crops.

“Last year, when the region’s economy was severely disrupted, agriculture was one of the sectors that saved the state and made a significant contribution to the economy,” said Latina Kaitan, chairman of the UP chapter, PhD.

Uttara Pradesh added that there has been significant growth in food production.

Muksh Singh, senior consultant at the PhD Chamber, UP, confirmed that farmers will receive support from the PHD.

Anjani Kumar Srivastava, MD. , Hofod, UP State Horticultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (HOFED) has several parts of the region and more than 300 farmers’ groups have been in direct contact with the federation.

Baljit Singh, Deputy Director of the Department of Vegetation and Food Processing at the Glove, spoke at the meeting about the various plans and subsidies of the Utra Pradesh Government Department of Vegetation and Food Processing.


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