The US market will open for Scottish sheep from 2022.

  • UK producers will soon be able to sell their lambs to more than 300 million people.
  • The US market is estimated to be worth £ 37m over the next five years.
  • The US decision comes after President Biden promised to lift the embargo during talks with the prime minister in September.

The export of British lamb to the US market could continue next year after being banned for more than two decades.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has today approved an amendment to the law banning lambs from entering the United States. The amended “Little Roman Rule” will take effect on January 3, 2022.

This exciting new development means that more than 300 million American consumers will soon be able to enjoy the world-famous lamb in the United Kingdom. The market is projected to generate ሚሊዮን 37 million in the first five years of the trade.

Environment Secretary George Eustis said he was pleased with his talks with his US counterpart Tom Vilsak. The ministers are committed to working together in the coming months.

Today’s update comes after President Biden promised to lift the ban on British sheep during the Prime Minister’s visit to the White House in September, and earlier this year eased restrictions on British beef exports.

According to local author George Eustis:

Today’s big news reinforces the success of years of negotiations and the re-establishment of UK beef in the United States. UK lamb is known for its high quality, food safety and safety standards. Millions of American consumers could enjoy British sheep early next year.

As consumer trends change, the U.S. sheep market is booming and there are now new opportunities for farmers and processors in this market.

According to Scott Offord, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs.

This great new export opportunity is great news for farmers around Scotland and the UK. US consumers are licking their lips as they try to gain access to our international lamb. Scottish agriculture is crucial for the UK to recover from the epidemic and the British government will do its utmost to support this.

The Ruminant Law (SRR) has previously banned all lambs from the United Kingdom, as well as several EU countries and Canada, from entering the US market.

This development paves the way for a complete re-launch by completing the final steps necessary to work with partners in the FSA, DAERA and FSS and the United States, with the Department of International Trade (DIT) and the UK Food Safety Authority. UK sheep exported to the US.

According to Anne-Marie Trevelli, author of International Trade

For the first time in more than 20 years, this is a great step forward for UK farmers to put their first-class sheep on the American menu.

Last year, Britain exported 436.4 million pounds of sheep to the world and more than 29 million pounds of meat to the United States. We want those numbers to grow and this victory will help achieve that.

Our teams are working hard to open multi-million pound markets for brilliant UK businesses and I am beating the drums when I visit the United States this week.

According to Dr. Phil Hadley, Director of Global Market Development, Board of Agriculture and Horticulture Development

This is great news for our sheep producers and exporters.

The U.S. market capitalization is estimated at ሚሊዮን 37 million in the first five years and provides an additional opportunity for the British sheep sector.

Today’s announcement marks the end of the current export of pork and beef to the United States, which is expected to cost the industry 22 22 million in the first nine months of 2021. Our access to the United States strengthens our reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers. We look forward to seeing high quality lamb and our products on American boards in the New Year.

According to NFU President Minnet Batters

It is good to hear that the work of the UK Government and the tax authorities has finally helped the British sheep enter the United States. British beef is a world-renowned quality product and we know it is in demand in the United States.

This is an export opportunity that we need to see if the government is really pursuing and we support it. This is a positive step for British sheep producers and we urge the government to open new markets around the world.

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