The Victory of Free Speech – Eton Master Clears Up After Teaching for Gender-Based Speech

Eton College teacher fired over controversial gender education

Will Noland’s expulsion was criticized by the school for criticizing the “extremist feminist orthodoxy” and defending masculinity as a “biological reality”.

He was charged with serious misconduct for refusing to download the video and fired, but has now been cleared by the TRA.

After Mr. Rowland’s YouTube talk on the topic of “Men’s world will be worse for women”, his case was leaked to Eton.

Referring to the TRA’s right to disclose, he said: “Mr. Knowland has no response to the allegations. The case will be closed and no further action will be taken.”

“I am pleased that the Education Regulatory Agency has approved my mistake,” said Mr. Knowland, who is preparing to take Eton to court.

He told the Sunday Times:

Mr. Knowland prepared the video for the College of Education, which aims to expose students to different perspectives in the hope of balancing “toxic masculinity” and gender theory.

The video now covers third-party perspectives on gender issues, covering topics such as the importance of men in the global economy due to persistent gender differences.

One argument in the video is that the killing of men means: “Today 90 percent of the world’s population is starving. Survivors of this catastrophe will return to ancient life based on fruits and vegetables.

Mr Knowland told the Telegraph last year that the video had been viewed and complained to by staff before it was downloaded from the school grounds.

But Mr Cowland did not remove the video from his personal YouTube account and was expelled from his ,500 42,500 boarding school by 2020.

The decision from the tractor was found not to have degraded the profession, and the decision not to download the video was not to be taken lightly.

He argued on behalf of Mr. Knowand that “what he did was to promote mutual respect and tolerance and to stimulate debate on a sensitive and timely topic.”

Instead, statements continue: “Freedom of thought and strong, open dialogue clearly supports Eton’s ethics and practices, and therefore the strong support of the Eton community.

If William Newland’s approach was wrong (and he was not) then it would be difficult to know what the right course of action would be because of freedom of speech and thought.

“It is clear from the public response that the cancellation of the speech and the dismissal of William Nouland undermined basic British values. This did not post Viton (approved by Eton) or YouTube, but degraded Eto’o.

The TRA concluded its favor by citing the decision document:

“There is no indication that this is a behavioral or repetitive behavior by Mr. Knowland. In light of the above decision, Mr. Knowland has no recourse in the case of the defendants, this case will be closed and no further action will be taken.

A spokesman for Eton College said: He agreed with the school’s proposal that the school should not be barred from teaching.


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