The Wemmark Foundation is one of the SD organizations that receives small MATCH grants.

The Welmark Foundation has announced that six South Dakota companies will receive matching assets for Community Health (MATCH). Funders are planning projects to help individuals, families, and communities get better health through environmental initiatives that encourage exercise or nutrition.

“The winners of the Wellmark Foundation Small Match Fund are really innovating on how to improve health in their communities,” said Mary Lawyer, executive director of the Welmark Foundation. From improved parks and playgrounds to food warehouses and greenhouses, these projects will affect the quality of life and the overall well-being of South Dakota for generations to come.

In total, the Welmarck Foundation is investing $ 135,780 in South Dakota communities through the 2021 Small MATCH Fund. The final funding to ensure community support for these projects is based on organizations that receive 50 percent of the grant. The required match may be in the form of donations or a combination of services and cash. Organizations have until November 3 to secure their affiliates.

Wellmarck Foundation 2021 Small Matches selected to receive support include the following.

  • City of Chamberlain, $ 25,000

Chamberlain Dinosaur Park

The city is using the small amount of MATCH money to add a dinosaur fossil to the existing park. This allows children to balance, jump, jump, run, and play interactive devices as they learn about the history behind heavy bones and prehistoric creatures.

  • Edmonds Central School District, $ 24,907

Ag Innovation Laboratory

Funds will be used to build an 18-x 36 ′ greenhouse and growing benches, environmentally friendly growth tents, hydroponics and appliances to build a new laboratory, including equipment and materials needed to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. The laboratory is easily used throughout the school year for horticultural course work and food science research, as well as for the school’s fresh fruit and vegetable program, for school lunches and snacks, and for other student and community needs.

  • City of Kansas, $ 20,873

Killball Courts

After being introduced to the community by pickup fans, including the Kansas Pickleball Team and other players, the City Council decided to replace the existing tennis courts with new Killball courts. Gift money will be used to fund new courts, including new concrete foundations on play lines, camouflage nets and landings, fences and lighting.

  • Willow Lake City, $ 25,000

Improving the playground at the Seniors Memorial Park

The Willow Lake “Patriotic Game” project replaces old toys in the city’s Veterans Memorial Park. The new business standard equipment and gaming floor is designed for safety, accessibility, durability and ease of maintenance. Once completed, the remaining length of the park will be free of other outdoor activities, such as fishing, bean bags or tags.

Clark County Activity Center

The new Clark County Activity Center serves youth and adults of all ages from the entire community. It includes a great deal of youth wrestling, gymnastics, dance, basketball and taekwondo – but now there is not enough space in Clark. The building is designed for walking around the house and provides a safe and non-slip floor for those who want to walk indoors for exercise.

  • Mercy Residence Midwest, $ 15,000

Rapid Urban Growth Food Security and Safety Initiative

The project will start with the food development and safety initiatives of the Middle East Rapid Urban Property, which will provide 270 residents with on-site food warehouses, community gardens, and associated food safety and food education opportunities. When the project begins on site, the program will be available to residents and the local community and will consist of three main components: Food Access, Community Health and Safety Council, and Food Safety and Food Education.

Since 1991, the Welmarck Foundation has provided more than $ 36.6 million in support to communities in Iowa and South Dakota. Visit to see the previous Welmarck Foundation MATCH fundraisers.

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