The winner of the Chelsea Flower Show People’s Choice Award has been announced

Photo by Clive Nichols

The Lasting Garden “in Love” He won a silver medal at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, designed by Richard Myer, but he is widely regarded as the winner of the 2022 RHS People’s Choice Award.

The UK’s only charity sponsored by a charity to help those involved in horticulture and their families when they need help – the garden is based on the belief that the garden is a gift from Richard and Pernell Garden. Giving love, giving joy to the people you create and care for as much as you visit and visit.

People’s Choice is an award for many garden designers. Really Issues, and perhaps even more special because it is the garden of Richard’s first main street show. And 183-year-old charity.

Designed Garden by Richard Myer 'Love' - Helping People in Fruits and Vegetables Garden rhs chelsea flower show 2022

RHS / Neil Hepworth

In a sealed 22m by 10m space, The permanent garden ‘in love,’ Filled with hornbeam fences, it offers strong geometry, antique design and soft beauty. Flattened hawthorn trees provide structure, and the four-stemmed Parotia Percica trees add a natural shape compared to the dome of Takus Bacata and Prunus Lucitanika.

With its central design, it re-introduced the culture of walking around gardening and enjoying all our senses. The soothing green palette is soft with soft white and plum tones on the underside and borders.

Designed Garden by Richard Myer 'Love' - Helping People in Fruits and Vegetables Garden rhs chelsea flower show 2022

RHS / Neil Hepworth

Chelsea Flower Show, Multi-Year Garden 'In Love'

Photo by Clive Nichols

‘Wow! You voted we won! The Lasting Garden “in Love” By Richard Myer is the 2022 RHS People’s Choice. Thank you so much for voting. And to the thousands of people who came to see the garden, ”said Richard.

Richard Myers Rhs chelsea peoples election 2022 is being awarded for the Garden of Eternity with love

Richard Myers is lovingly awarded the RHS Chelsea Election 2022 Permanent Garden

For many years

“This award is even more special because it helps raise awareness and support for the people who work with plants, trees, flowers and grass for a regular annual charity. I consider myself lucky, but life in fruits and vegetables can be dangerous. For people in our industry. They have been here for many years when they needed it most. ‘

The garden has become a favorite for visitors, and at the beginning of the week it was a great place to even get married.

When Richard won the silver medal, RHS said it was an incredible trip for Chelsea. ‘I always wanted to do the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. For gardeners it is a little like Everest, there is always a final test. And even though I have been in the industry for 20 years, as a first-time giver here, I feel like a huge success. But most of all, working with such a talented and hardworking team is a great opportunity – they are the ones who created it Lasting Garden ‘With Love’ It is such a success.

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