The winners of the beauty contest have been nominated

Clark Foundation President Jane Forbes Clark on Tuesday, August 24, announced the winners of the 2021 Clark Foundation Cooperative Beauty Contest.

According to a press release, the annual competition, which has been held every year since 1954, divides the village’s residential and commercial properties into three categories – the most attractive flower display in a business setting; A very effective general plant that improves residential properties, as shown by the road. And the most appropriate residential or business window box or boxes and / or hanging baskets or baskets.

There is a $ 1,000 prize for each category, $ 750 for the second place, $ 500 for the third place and $ 400 for each category.

“Sixty years ago, my grandfather Susan Vanderpol Clark set up the Cushta beauty pageant to recognize the great time and effort it takes for many of our residents to be hospitable and beautiful,” Clark said. She will be happy that this wonderful tradition continues to make our village even more special.

This year’s referee was Anthony Nederhan of Witsborough. According to the release, Nederhand was born and raised in the Netherlands. He graduated from the Royal Horticultural University and began his career as a rose gardener in the United Kingdom and Canada. Baker Green House Inc. in Utica. As a partner and corporate officer, he has been working for Express Seed Company in Product Development for the past 16 years.

This year’s winners –

• The most beautiful flower show in business organization – First – ion Patio, Richard and Katherine Busse, 46 ion St.. Second – Hard Ball Cafe, Perry Ferrara, 99 Main Street. Third – Pieces of Pizzeria / In-Ice Ice Cream, Richard and Katherine Busse, 46 ion St. Respected Ideas – Olin Realty, Margaret Savoi, 37 Chest St. SEFCU, 169 Main St. Hubblewell Real Estate, Glenn and Joan Hubble, 157 Main Street

• The most effective general installation to improve residential property, as seen from the street – First – Peter and Judith Henry, 92 ion st. Second – Shane and Dana Sanders, 194 Main St.. Third – James and Eileen Ananias, 94 ions st. Distinguished Ideas – Robert and Claire Satrianano, 68 Sussex Street. Charles and Ursula Hajj, 73 ion St.. Carol Taylor, 1 Westridge Road.

• Most appropriate residential or business window box or boxes and / or hanging baskets or baskets – First – Richard and Barbara Havlick, 94 Fair St. Second – Robert Birch, Cooper Country Draft, 196 Main St. Third – Anthony and Teresa Cassale, 11 Avenue Street; Distinguished Ideas – Robert Hajj, 85 ion St.. Marjorie Landers, Family Tree Gallery, 171 Main St.. Robert Nelson and Van Ramsey, 20 Fair St.

The Clark Foundation “recognizes Dr. Roger Macmillan’s annual efforts to plant and care for the flower bed in front of the Coptauntana Art Association.

The statement said: “We would like to thank him for his annual contribution, even though he is not eligible for the award because he is on the property.”


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