The Wisconsin State Fair will see 841,074 visitors for the 2021 race; Nearly 300,000 original cream fragrances have been sold

West Alice, Weiss (CBS 58) – Returning after a year-long break, the Wisconsin State Fair 2021 saw a total of 841,074 visitors during the 11-day event.

State justice officials said in a news release that the staff was delighted to welcome spectators through the doors to enjoy exhibitions, entertainment, food, travel and shopping while learning about Wisconsin’s amazing people, places and industries.

“We have a great opportunity to host the 170th Wisconsin State Fair and celebrate everything we can be proud of in our state,” said Kathleen O’Leary, chief executive of Wisconsin State Fair Park. It was a great achievement for our staff, suppliers, exhibitions and board of directors to see smiling faces re-enter our doorsteps after 724 days. After several days of challenging weather conditions, we patiently waited for the best possible experience for all. ”

According to a government exhibition, more than 8,000 animals entered the competition this year, and more than 7,000 competing exhibition entries were judged. More than 2,500 exhibitors participated in animal fairs, horticulture, textiles, crafts, cooking, cheese, meat, wine and more. In addition, the Fairgoers have a spectacular view of some 40,000 flowers and plants throughout Fair Park.

The Blue Blue Ribbon Livestock Bid has raised $ 303,800, the Blue Ribbon Meat Products bid is about $ 109,000, and the Blue Ribbon Dairy products bid is over $ 54,000. A significant portion of the nearly half a million dollars raised from these bids will benefit Wisconsin youth farming programs and provide scholarships.

The Wisconsin Bakery Association sells nearly 300,000 original creams to Fairgoers who are looking for Wisconsin desserts. At the Wisconsin Products Pavilion, Real Wisconsin Cheese Grill sold more than 47,000 fried cheese sandwiches and Wisconsin potato farmers presented more than 26,000 baked potatoes during the fair.

With the completion of the Central Mall project and upgrades, Fergons has been able to enjoy Fair Park’s heart in a completely new way, including shaded seating and recreation areas, landscape lighting, and swinging. The area is excited for years to come and will be further enhanced to include the new Central Mall for the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair.

The 2022 Wisconsin State Fair will be held from August 4-14.

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