Theatrical Notebook La Lala Playground announces ‘Genet’ and new immunization policy

Following several other major theaters around the country, La Jola Theater announced its own immunization policy on Friday, August 20, for the launch of the Charlene Contest World Cup.

San Diego-born actor Monique Gaffney will co-star in a two-character performance with Statini Berry in a joint production by San Diego-based directors Patricia McGregor and Delia Turner Sonenberg. It is the story of two “alpha” women: Claire Rose, an elderly black woman, and middle-aged daughter Cassandra. After not talking to each other for three years, Cassandra is at her mother’s garden, trying to reconcile her wounds.

Gaffney is a recipient of the Synopsis Theater, a resident artist and a Fox Foundation resident actor. A.D. In 2012, she joined the San Diego Foundation’s Creative Catalyst Fund Individual Artists’ Association to develop a multimedia piece on the life of Henriita Lax with La Jola Playhouse. She performs in the “garden” for her late father, Floyd Gaffney, who helped the theater and dance department at UC San Diego’s Playhouse.

The “Garden” opens on September 21 and will run until October 17 at the Playhouse’s Potiker Theater. From the beginning of the procedure, all participants must show their ticket, photo ID and full COVID-19 vaccine confirmation or negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test within 72 hours of the date of the test. The verification requires a physical immunization card, photo of that card, or QR code from the California Digital COVID-19 vaccine record, which can be found at

And in the theater, lobby and restrooms – masks are needed for everyone, including staff, artists and volunteers. The policy applies to all guidelines until December 31st.

For complete policy information, visit

Eric Ken-Louie has been promoted to the position of executive producer at the La Jola Theater.

(La Jola Theater)

A.D. Eric Ken-Louis, who joined La Jolla Playhouse as production director in 2018, has been promoted to new executive producer in the theater on August 20.

In the expansion, Kin-Louis will serve as the lead producer during the Playhouse subscription, and will oversee the company’s mission, core values ​​and practices, particularly anti-racism, with artistic director Christopher Ashley and managing director Debbie Buchhol. And inclusion obligations and to create a more diverse workplace.

Over the past year, Kin-Louis has become a national leader in a campaign to include diversity, justice and the arts. Last March, #StopAsianHate was one of the creative minds behind the National Action and Healing Day. On March 26, Asian-American celebrities spoke out against the rising tide of anti-Asian violence in the United States since the outbreak began on Instagram and other social media platforms.

“I call on theaters around the country to take concrete steps to promote social justice,” I said. As a third-generation Chinese-American, I never felt that there was a place for someone like me in the theater. It is a reminder of the existence of this position, and I hope that the need for continued change and expansion of leadership in our field will make it more visible.

In a statement, Ashley said: “Keen-Louis’s passion, professionalism and” commitment to nurturing and winning a diverse artists and audience have made this important new space our undisputed choice. ” He said Ken-Louis was highly respected in the field, both locally and nationally.

Brandon and Amy Throckmorton at the Patio playhouse "I love you, you are perfect, change now."

“I love you, you’re perfect, change now.”

(Matt FitzGerald)

Patio reopens “I love you.”

This weekend, the Patio Theater Community Theater will begin its annual series of summer performances at the Park with Joe Dipetro and Jimmy Roberts’ Broadway music comedy “I Love You, You Are Perfect, Now Change.”

A.D. Written in 1997, it is a hilarious and touching collection of songs about romance, love, marriage, sex, parenting and growing up together. It will open on Friday, August 27, with performances from 8 pm Thursday-Sunday until September 11 at the Kit Carson Park Amphitheater at 100 Amphitheater Drive, Escondodo. Visit

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