There are hundreds of current jobs available for the 2022 Indiana State Fair – WTCA

The Indiana State Exhibition now employs regular staff to assist with the Greater Indiana State Exhibition, which runs from July 29 to August 21.

The 13th Indiana State Fair Fair will be held this Thursday, June 2, 4-6 p.m. at the Indiana State Exhibitions and Preparatory Center at the Agricultural / Horticultural Building 1202 E. 38th Street, Indianapolis, 46205.

This year’s 165th Indiana State Exhibition seeks hundreds of full-time employees for positions related to Parking, Gates, Safety, Operation, Tractor Schools, Information Space and Education Exhibition. Many positions are suitable for college students, retirees, full-time individuals looking for extra income, and more.

During the event, candidates seeking a current position with the 2022 Indiana State Fair may fill out an application and be interviewed on the spot. Applicants are asked to bring a copy of their positive attitude and work experience. Knowledge about the show is not a prerequisite – just being willing to help our guests. Interested applicants who meet the above requirements are invited to submit their CV along with non returnable credentials within 9 am – 4 pm, Monday through Friday, at the State Fair Grounds Office. Visit for more information about the Job Show or to download a current employment application.

“Our current staff will help make the Indiana State Fair the best in the country,” said Mark Anderson, director of human resources at the Indiana State Exhibition and Event Center. “We look forward to introducing new referral and attendance incentives programs to our staff this year.

The Indiana State Fair is the state’s largest multi-day event celebrating the spirit of Hosioier and Agricultural Heritage. These 18 days bring all communities together to celebrate Indiana and celebrate hundreds of thousands of people and more. Hoosiers generation has been an annual attraction since the Indiana State Exhibition in 1852. This year the Indiana State Exhibition takes place, offering national entertainment, national recognition, youth and interactive agricultural educational programs, elementary facilities and unique, fun food. July 29 – August 21 (closed Monday and Tuesday). For information, visit

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