There is no shock that a gardener would change his garden.

Team teachers from Unice Traffic helped renovate the Potteries garden. Image: Care UK

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Welcome to renovate the garden with Unicorn Traffic Team members with a green finger.

Residents and team members at Care UK’s The Potteries on York Road were delighted to receive the top management team from Unice Traffic, as part of their community outreach program to transform their home garden.

The volunteers spent the day caring for the garden, polluting the garden chairs and removing large bushes. The team repaired Tarpalin for a chicken coop and now it is a greenhouse and painted the summer house, which is a favorite feature of residents during the summer months.

Commenting on the renovation, Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Unics Traffic in the UK, said: The whole team found the day really worthwhile and we look forward to supporting the nursing home in the future.

Zita Turner, managing director of The Potteries, said: “We are thrilled to have a team of Unicorn traffic coming together to renovate our garden. The resident loves to spend time outdoors, and the atmosphere is amazing for the elderly, especially those with dementia.

“Gardening, hiking or watching the birds, spending a lot of time outdoors is something we actively encourage, and the renovation of the garden encourages everyone to make those sunny harvest days.

“On behalf of everyone in The Potters, I would like to thank Unex Traffic, Wilke and his team for your great change. The residents are very grateful, and we look forward to welcoming all the volunteers into our beautiful garden when the warm weather returns.

Pottery has recently been awarded the Care House Quality Award. Awarded a gold standard, the award recognizes exceptional end-of-life and residential care homes and provides high quality support and guidance to family members.

In order to be recognized, the house had to meet strict standards in 20 different areas, from management and support to prestige and prestige, and evidence that the number of residents in need of hospital treatment had been halved. Stay away from the hospital.

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