These Flexi expandable garden hoses each have a 50% discount on $ 25

Just today, as part of the Daily Gold Box Deals, WebDealsDirect (98% Positive Life Feedback) offers two Flex Expansive Horticulture Hits via Amazon $ 25 with free shipping For General Members or orders over $ 25. Our favorite is a 50-foot lightweight expandable garden hose $ 24.99, Which normally goes for $ 50. That’s right, you are saving 50% today. When this tube is not in use, it is attached in a very small way and once filled with water, it expands to three times its length. A total of 50 feet, as well as an eight-stitch picker to provide everything you need to start watering your yard as soon as you arrive. Rated 4.3 / 5 stars. Go to Amazon for more deals and more.

Want something smaller? This 25-foot tube provides the same functionality in the price segment. Although very short, you can save a few dollars and take it for granted $ 22 Now on Amazon. Just like today, you will get a shout-out and a purse, so the only downside here is the short length.

Speaking of water supply equipment, have you ever seen the best-selling Matt Black Drawer Kitchen? Simon received a 29% discount this morning, signaling a new low $ 49.50. So, if your kitchen needs a bathroom upgrade, be sure to check the cover.

More on Flexi Hose

  • Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Tube Automatically shortens the original length by 3 times at normal water pressure
  • Expansion of solid 3/4 inch copper connectors ensures that garden plumbing fits in the typical outdoor garden plumbing in the United States.
  • The 3750 D elastic outer fabric with 4 layers of rubber effectively protects the inner tube from thorns, pinches and sharp corners

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