These urban farms are offering new products to American cities

Urban farms are popping up in metropolitan areas around the United States to bring fresh produce to the city. From small farms, straight gardens to front of buildings, to the roofs of plants, farmers are gaining innovation when they use small plots of land in the city. Travelers who do not set aside time for a trip to the countryside can visit these farms during their city trips and get acquainted with nature. Stop by these urban farms in the United States as you explore some of America’s great destinations to learn about growing produce, supporting agriculture, and tasting fresh produce.

New York, New York

Farming One sows seeds at an indoor hydroponic farm in the largest city in the United States. Indoor farming is growing special crops in Manhattan and welcomes visitors. An hour of tasting tours are held weekly. Drink in Prosecco free glass when guided by rows and rows of unusual herbs.

De Moines, Iowa

Dopach City Gardens is located in a residential area with a limited area of ​​¼ 1 hectare to grow organic vegetables for salads. Browse rows of spinach, lettuce, arugula, mustard greens, cabbage, Swiss chard and more. Join one of your farm-to-fork dinners and visit gardens or spend a dive on a city farm.

Cleveland, Ohio

Ohio City Farm is one of the largest urban farms in the United States, boasting spectacular views of the Cleveland Sky Line and six acres[6 ha]. The farm is owned by Angley Jolie for a number of charitable projects, such as underprivileged residents and hiring newly displaced people. They produce over 60,000 pounds of fruit, vegetables and herbs, eggs, tomatoes, garlic, beans, pumpkins and more. You can take an hour’s tour, taste a fresh harvest, or sign up for the CSAA program.

San Diego, California

Veterans own and own WD Dickinson Farm Urban Heirloom Organic Farm. Cabbage is a small farm that grows fruit, vegetables, and herbs, vegetables, leaves, figs, and more. Some of the seeds they use are 700 years old and no less than World War II. Travelers can visit the local market and take field trips, classes and dinner.

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa has many urban farms and there is a fresh food trail that helps visitors reach all. View real garden vertical european farm: 5,000 square feet of straight urban farmland does not use soil and is solar powered. It is the first high-tech greenhouse to produce food crops in the desert all year round. They use 1/10 of the land and part of the water to grow one hectare of fresh vegetables. Visitors can enjoy the week’s market to explore the produce, attend food education seminars and learn about vertical farming.

Key Largo, Florida

Baker Kai Resort, Kurio Collection has a rooftop garden in Hilton, Atlantic Ocean. More than 70 seasonal plants, including Cuba oregano, wild strawberries, lavender, purple flowers, aloe vera, basil, and others, grow in the sun. The product is used to provide fresh ingredients to the hotel’s restaurants and bars. The amazing home-made fresh dishes are made from garden vegetables such as carotenoids, ghost peppers, and Sierra Leone peppers. Pick your plants when you visit the garden with the food that is arranged according to the garden.


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