These will be your kala flowers next year and always

I used Twist ‘n Plant Auger attached to my drill to install it. I planted them 3 to 4 inches deep and about 10 inches wide. The south was like a jungle for most of the summer, and everything exploded. Although the five bulb categories can’t create a catalog view, St. Wow I didn’t expect them to be so beautiful and give a long lasting look. As I got older, I didn’t expect them to give me more glowing colors. The leaf, in writing, is also a true display.

I ended up creating Kala Lily visuals with the merger. Some were planned, others just happened. I may not have planned the red carriers and the yellow my sunny kala to cooperate, but they did. It may not seem like a real Kala Lily professor, but guess what, she made him a happy wife! This happened all over the garden.

In this special area, I planned to grow a tall red Abyssinian banana plant at the annual summer hibiscus. Be My Calla Prince Kala flowers should have been perfect partners. The debris occurred when a chipmanck entered a picture that looked perfect. Ali, a Dutch shepherd who lives with me, saw this and said, “Grandma, I’m going to take that chipman.” Bananas and chipsman passed well. Everything else is in the seed.

Let the six of my kala lily be like my sun sticker yellow, and be my main fiery red tips old orange. Be My Heart is a deep dark burgundy that blends well with all the other colors. Be My Princess is a shiny purple pink and red burgundy red for the princesses in your home and for stealing your heart. Let the last two be my prince, I think deep pink with white edges, and sensual purple-pink.


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