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Jennifer Mok Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Theme Park on Batu Planet. Image courtesy Disney 2021 Marvel.

With Design, Dream Big offers kids to help them find their place in landscape architecture.

Jennifer Mock doesn’t have a job like most landscape architects. “We are building the world,” she says. At Walt Dissection, the landscape architect studio executes Mok, design parks and recreation areas. “Our designs must be complete; Must be immersive. He is doing the magic in that experience [for] The guest. ”

A new example of this design philosophy is team designs b Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Theme Park. On the battalion planet, on the far end of the galaxy, the Black Spirit is a dusty place for attackers. There are thriving bazaars, standing space carriers, and cedar trees that enter the hut.

Both Mock and Dozens-Plus landscape designers are working on the continuation of the legacy of one of DC’s first landscape architects, and the extraction of wildlife from it. Its sole purpose is to be admired as an innovator, these places are in an unforgettable landscape architecture, and this mock is designed for “Dream Big Design: Landscape Design and Pre-K-12 Design Showcase,” ASLA Two-Day Design Introduction and Education Elementary and high school students. Mok and her team will present their work in DC as a landscape architect, with the Environmental Protection Agency, Ligoland themed parks, and mineral-related programmers on September 23 and 24. “If students like to see what landscape architecture is doing mentally, but it opens up the world to them, ‘this is what you can do as a designer and apply that everywhere,’ we hope to do that. Says Mock.

The Black Spear Outpost is home to galaxies and astronauts. Image courtesy Disney 2021 Marvel.

The virtual event will focus on pre-K through elementary school students September 23rd and middle and high school students on September 24th. Sessions are pre-recorded and have interactive components. Participants can register online for free.

The full scope of the program is firmly entrenched in the world of children today, leaving behind the mistakes of other “child-centered” careers. In addition to DC-designed landscaping sessions, Dream Big with Design features landscape architectural value and practice in a fast-paced and smartphone-ready package, and books written by ASLA members on landscape design and environmental issues. .

Lisa Jennings, ASLA’s Professional Discovery and Diversity Manager, developed the program for the first time after considering the need to expand the discussion on landscaping to include primary and secondary school students. “There was no national pressure to promote the profession,” she says. “These are the next landscape architects.”

Dream Big shows design alongside STEM fields as a great landscape for professional discovery, and Jennings said other related careers will continue to introduce themselves to young audiences. “I didn’t know what landscape architecture was until college,” she says. She says landscape architecture, considered to be the smallest profession, is “behind the scenes in terms of vulnerability and public awareness.”

Legoland theme park landscape designers present their work as a dream come true with design. Photo by Todd Macrudi, FSLA.

Jennings has praised ASLA general manager Torre Carter-Connie for better integration of young people into the profession. “I will take this much to my new CEO,” she says. He gave us the green light so that I could have a big dream for the association.

Jennifer Nietzsche helped Essen with Sella, a network of organizations for youth education and landscape design. In her work with Studio Hip, Nitsky collaborated with the public landscape to create original designs that engage students in school playground projects, site analysis, program instruction, and templates. “One of the best ways to truly engage students is through hands-on activities,” she says. In addition, Nietzsche will provide a short presentation on the Minecraft video game, a platform for introducing children to all sorts of built-in environments in a sand-styled and rebuilt environment, which is highly anticipated. Dream big with design program.

Batu’s most imaginative landscapes are the trees that enter the buildings. Image courtesy Disney 2021 Marvel.

Extensively, participants introduce students to the basic concepts of design thinking. “What we want to share with students is the idea of ​​a toolbox – these are the things we think about when designing a project,” Mok said.

“[Dream Big] We hope it builds an understanding of landscape architecture at an early age, ”Niitsky said. “You sow the seeds in their youth and they will continue to grow.”

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