Think of it this – a city farm in Jackson

Jackson, Miss.

Jackson has a lot of abandoned, damaged property that creates a negative, unsafe environment, so here’s an idea that could spread throughout the city – to relocate those unwanted places to more attractive places.

Over the past decade, Jackson has lost nearly 20,000 residents, about 11% of the population.

Hundreds and hundreds of fallen property acres and acres of vacant land. Unfortunately, most of those properties do not return to homes or businesses, but they can be gardens and farms.

There are hundreds of acres in Jackson that can be returned to farms.

Jackson leaders should use Jesse Yancin’s garden as an example and work with community leaders to replicate that effort.

Imagine if every city council had a champion in their constituency. It can not only improve the beauty of each neighborhood, but also lead to pop-up markets around the city.

It can provide healthy, nutritious food options. Farming has been a hot topic for years. There is no reason why a farm and a table are not available in downtown Jackson.

Agriculture is a major industry in our state. Mississippi know how to work the land.

That land should not be in the countryside or the Delta. Urban agriculture can create happier, more sustainable neighborhoods, provide food for the people in those communities, provide positive outcomes for young people, and even create jobs.

Urban farming has become more popular and accepted in cities across the country with similar challenges as Jackson. Thank you Jesse Yansey for showing us how to be here.

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