This foreigner thinks New York State looks and feels crazy

It is perfectly safe for you to be proud of yourself. How you feel when people talk a lot about your hometown or home. But it can go a long way when people don’t really tell you where you come from or make assumptions about it.

A typical example is New York State.

If you are in New York, for example, on the South, West Coast, or Pacific Northwest, if you are not from the state, your first image may be New York City.

It’s a common misconception I hear from people asking me if I’m from New York (Western New York).

“You’re from the city, aren’t you?”

No, I am not from New York City. In fact, I am the opposite of the state. I grew up 20 minutes north of my hometown of Buffalo.

In fact, most of it is rural New York. It is farmland. Only small towns with a few thousand or fewer populations, and it shows many amazing places to relax, such as Lake Lakes, Adrondans and Lake Plaque.

People think that New York is just like a city with many friendly people. Not so. The people of New York State are amazing and very kind and generous.

It’s not entirely the fault of outsiders – I mean watch any movie or TV show. Everything that shows New York is New York City and the city-like atmosphere.

There is more to New York State than that.

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