This new set of garden-inspired tableware allows you to have fun like Gwynet

Photo Credit Samantha Napolitano

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Actress-turned-author, entrepreneur and business tycoon Gwynet Paltro has supported the art of clean, windy California life and no one is like her. However, Paltro’s lifestyle, GOP, makes it as easy as dressing, dressing and decorating, and the company’s close collaboration inspires many Alfresco meetings, whether in the morning in Guinness or a clear California, and a comfortable evening at your own home on the East Coast.

Mysterious Paradise is a new collection of tableware in collaboration with Plotro, an investor in social studies. And a full-space setting with wine-inspired flat and silver tapes, well-embroidered cloth vases, small flower pots to show off your Addis Ababa, and other table essentials that can easily be integrated and matched with what is now in your party closet.

Photo Credit Samantha Napolitano

Photo Credit Samantha Napolitano

“Fun from tableware and jewelry to cocktails and recipes has always been a tent on Gup,” said Gup’s chief design and business officer. “Here is an opportunity for our readers to create something they love. [Social Studies founders] Amy Griffin and Jessica Latam sometimes created a unique way to have fun without having to worry about planning a meeting, and we loved the process of designing and treating a group. We cannot wait to see all the different ways in which our people are being influenced. ”

Secret Garden Collection is available online for purchase and rent. The mission of social studies is to make it easier, more stressful, and more part of our daily lives, so renting is a great option for those who live in small spaces or who don’t want to stock up on other tableware but want it. A new look for their next meeting. All you have to do is order, set your table, and pack after your beautiful affair! The beauty of this collection is that every piece can be purchased, so if you like the dinner plates when renting from social studies, you can find a good place in your host rotation. This limited edition collection does not last long, so be sure to buy it when you can enjoy it again in person as a host.

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