TixTrack brings the ticket platform to Zion House and Gardens in London

TixTrack, a Leading Provider of Ticket Solutions, With the Syon House & Gardens, a famous historical site in London, offering a ticket-entry and membership ticketing platform. Tickets are designed for general admission and scheduled entrances and are loaded with KX tickets by Zionst House and Garden by Tikstrak Partner.

Construction of the statue dates back to the sixteenth century and has recently been used as a venue for popular shows such as the Brexitton and Downton Abey, as well as the famous shows of Disney Nutcracker and the Four Rim. It sits in the courtyard designed by Captain Brown. Thanks to TixTrack, it is now able to offer visitors a free mobile-first purchase flow.

A recognizable solution provides practical insights

Tickets offer sales pitches from anywhere. After implementing the system, Zion House and Paradise is now benefiting from an easy-to-use sales point module as well as extensive reports, analytics and views. This means that the operator has the tools needed to make an informed decision quickly.

Sarah Ponder He is a sales and visitor assistant at Syon House and Gardens. “We are very happy with the ticketing at the TixTrack Ticket Forum,” she said. The reports are a great tool for analyzing our footsteps and looking at booking and redemption trends. The mobile app speed and fast response and the quality of service we get from TixTrack licensed KX tickets is excellent.

Ryan Eps“When it comes to general admissions, we think tickets are one of the best ticketing platforms on the market,” he added. The latter end has the most familiar configuration process of any system I have used. New events, offers, memberships and checkout rules can be created in minutes and our KBana Reporting dashboard customers can view live sales data at any time.

“The front end of this is expanded with a clear user interface for staff and customers, which makes the testing process faster than any of its competitors.”

The UK system is growing

Stephen SunshineTixTrack Inc. “Following our remarkable success in introducing our ticketing mobile-first-entry system into the North American and Australian markets, we welcome Zion House and Paradise as another prominent UK customer,” the CEO said.

“TixTrack Launched in 2016 UK Operation UK has gained a large number of West & Theater customers to sell and support our secure seating system.

Tickets include the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, the Chicago Science and Industry Museum, the Huntington Library, the Art Museum and the Botanical Garden New York Wales Art Gallery in California and Sydney.

The company announced earlier this year London’s Serpentin has opted to use the mobile-first ticketing systemTo manage online tickets and customer engagement.

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