TN Agricultural Budget 2021 Highlights: Depression for Organic Agriculture, New Village Self-Efficiency Plan

For the first time in the history of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, MRK Pannerselvam, Minister of Agriculture and Agricultural Safety, presented the budget for agriculture alone.

The minister began by presenting the budget to farmers in New Delhi who opposed the agricultural laws. The DMK government will not take any dictatorial action and therefore the budget was drafted in consultation with the representatives of farmers and 18 woredas.

The Stalin-led government has a budget of 34,220.65 crores for agriculture, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, revenue, Tamil Nadu, University of Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Rural Development and Panchayat X-ray. In the previous budget, the then ADMK government allocated 11,894.48 rubles for these sectors.

In the next five years, the government plans to implement a project called “Kalaangar Anaitu Gram Oregininta Vela Valarichi Titam” to ensure the overall development and self-sufficiency of all Tamil Nadu villages.

According to the budget, there are 12,524 village panchayas in the region, with one-fifth of the village’s pancakes being implemented each year. The plan is set to be implemented in 2,500 villages in Panchayat this year. The regional government has allocated 250 million quarters for the plan.

He said the government would convert 11.75 million hectares of land to agricultural land in the next 10 years and increase the area to 60 to 75 percent.

He added that the two-hectare two-hectare land could be expanded to 20 million hectares in the next ten years by creating new water resources, developing a small irrigation cluster and developing short-term mills, cereals, oilseeds, vegetables and greens.

The government has allocated 4508.23 million quintals of electricity to the Tamil Nadu Electric Board.

573.24 million rubles has been allocated to Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

The government plans to provide a kit for farm implements to half-export farmers, which includes shovels, weeds, metal pots, scraps, and compresses needed for daily farming. The plan will be implemented at a cost of 15 million rubles.

Under the Department of Agriculture, a separate wing will be created for organic farming. Farmers who use organic farming are encouraged by subsidy regulations. He said the government will make arrangements for agricultural extension centers as organic inputs are important.

The minister said The agricultural sector is only growing rapidly When young people are entrepreneurs rather than jobs Seekers. For this, Capacity building training is provided during the course Graduation with the help of agri-business companies and graduates. The plan will be implemented at 2.68 million rubles.

A ‘Rural Youth Agricultural Skills Development Mission’ program will be launched to take the educated youth to the next level of agriculture. In the first phase of this year, 2,500 young people will be provided with skills training in grazing, landscaping, horticulture, etc. 5 million rubles.

To protect and increase the number of existing palm trees, the government will distribute 76 million palm oil seeds and one palm seedling to farmers in 76 woredas. 3 million birr has been allocated for this plan.

He said the government will require the permission of the district commissioner to cut down palm trees in irreversible conditions. Steps will also be taken to sell palm oil in PDS stores.

An integrated agricultural system will be implemented this year to benefit 13,300 farming families in the region by paying Rs. 59.85 million related to central and state government funds.

Farm zone committees will be set up to protect farmers from natural disasters. The committee, which includes officials from various agricultural sectors and environmentalists, is expected to provide appropriate advice on how to protect farmers’ livelihoods in the climate zone.

A special museum for agriculture will be set up in Chennai to show the glory of agriculture to the younger generation. Videos based on traditional songs and Agricultural songs are played in the museum. 2 million birr has been allocated for this project.

Pannerselvam said farmers who migrate to new agri-techniques and machines will receive prizes. High-performance farmers and exporters who excel in agro-export will also be rewarded with traditional organic farming practices.

A high-level agriculture committee will be set up under the chairmanship of the Secretary-General to review agricultural plans and suggest solutions to problems for farmers.

R. 2,327 crore has been allocated for the crop insurance program for 2021-2022.

Sugarcane growers will be paid 42.50 rubles per tonne for the 2020-21 season. 40 million birr has been allocated for this purpose.

The government also decided to approve a 150 birr rate per tonne of sugarcane as a “special incentive.” This is transferred directly to the farmers’ bank accounts.

The government will also take steps to improve the environment and production of fruit and vegetable crops that can be grown in all soil types.

29.12 million rupees has been allocated to promote fruit farming.

In order to encourage the production of fresh and free-standing vegetables in the family on a daily basis and to enable children to learn about plants, two subspecies of lecithin seeds are distributed at subsidy rates in rural areas. A lakh step garden kit with 6 varieties of vegetables is also distributed as subsidies in urban areas.

95 million birr has been allocated for various measures to increase soil fertility. A new garden will be built in Vadalu for 1 million rubles.

7,106 agricultural machinery and equipment will be distributed at subsidy rates to assist farmers. Solar pumps charge up to 10 horsepower at a rate of 70 percent.

For 50 Uzhavar Santhais (Farmers Markets) provides a face mask of 12.50 Rebels. It will be held in the city of Panchayat and in the districts of Kuddalore, Dindigul, Irode, Karur, Ud Dudkotai, Tirunili, Tiruchirapalli, Tanja Vr, Velore and Kalakurichi, and in 10 other cities. It will cost 6 million birr.

Modern cold storage facilities will be set up in Odadanchatiram and Panruuti.

He added that the initiative will bring huge benefits to both consumers and farmers through the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables. On a trial basis, 30 mobile garden shops will be operated by five corporations: Visa, Chennai, Trichi, Combatere, Salem and Tiru. 40% subsidy or rubles. 2 Lah, no matter how small, is used to buy vehicles for rural agriculture youth.

The government will set up a 2 million rubles integrated rural agricultural market complex in the village of Edapali on the border of Coenor and Côte d’Ivoire.

In order to enable the farmers to dry their produce at the required humidity and sell it in controlled markets, the government in Kudalolo, Villa upram, Salem, Namakkal, Krishnagari, Irode, Trichi, Tanja vr, ud Dukotai, Madurai, Ramanatapararam, Beri. 3.5 kroner.

The government has also proposed the establishment of an agricultural export facilitation center to promote export trade between farmers and farmers’ organizations (FPOs). The building’s infrastructure is already under construction in Guinea at a cost of 1 million rubles.

In order to supply fresh vegetables to the farm in the city, a “modern agricultural marketing center” will be set up in Coroner at a price of 1 crore.

E-bidding is encouraged in all regulated markets. The government will take steps to bring all controlled markets, mandates, and FPOs under the software platform and they will be in contact with traders at the national level. By creating this platform, farmers can bring the highest value to their produce. The malls will be connected to the e-bidding platform, which will link farmers and markets. 10 million birr will be allocated for this purpose.

Paneerselvam added that the government will take steps to obtain GI identification for traditional specialty products such as Colli Hills-Pepper, Panutti-Jack and Pony Rice.

The government plans to set up a separate and unique food processing company. In addition, to encourage future entrepreneurs to start food processing, food processing centers will be launching Nagapatinam for fish-based products, Koimbotor, Coconut, Trichen for bananas, Iroquois, Turmeric and Virudunagar in figs.

A new horticultural college will be established near Kዴṣናa, the Kቫṣናa-K ወረዳri district, where the Turmeric Research Center will be located in Bavansሳgar, near Iroquois.

Remote survey technology is used to obtain information on the effective implementation of a crop insurance program. 72 million reais has been allocated to implement this program. In addition, the maps of 17,514 irrigation tanks will be digitized and their water expansion will be monitored using satellite data.

He said the Namazhavar Organic Agricultural Research Center will be set up at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Kombatore at a cost of 3 million quarters.


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