TN: The DMK government has provided a separate agricultural budget, allocating 4,508.23 million quarters to provide free electricity to farmers.


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Updated – Saturday, August 14, 2021, 17:19 [IST]

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Chennai, August 14: Tamil Nadu Prime Minister MK Stalin presented her first budget on August 13.

First, the Tamil Nadu government presented a special agricultural budget on Saturday. The revised government budget for 2021-22 comes a day after Finance Minister PTR Palaivel Thiagarajan (PTR) was presented. This budget period will run for a total of 29 days until September 21.

TN: The DMK government has allocated 4,508.23 kroner to provide free electricity to farmers.

The agricultural budget was presented by the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Agricultural Security, MRK Panerslva.

For the first time in the history of the Tamil Nadu Conference, a paperless budget was presented. He announced various programs for agricultural development and for the benefit of the farmers.

Tamil Nadu's first agricultural budget will receive a mixed response from farmersTamil Nadu’s first agricultural budget will receive a mixed response from farmers

He said a total of 4,508.23 million quarters has been allocated to the state-owned electricity company, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation.

It is proposed to declare this area “agro-industrial corridor” for the promotion of agro-based industries to bring prosperity to farmers and agricultural workers in the Caverry Delta region.

The main ones are here

  • Minister MRK Panneerselvam announced the establishment of a fruit and vegetable university in Kሽṣናa for 10 million rubles. He announced the start of undergraduate courses in agriculture and horticulture in Tamil Nadu.
  • 5 TN corporations to get subsidies for promoters – Minister EMK Panezelvaam has announced a 40% subsidy for rural youth by buying pressure trucks to sell vegetable products in five corporations, including Chenbatore, Tiruchi, Salem and Tiru Pp.
  • Efforts will be made to obtain a GI label for the 3TN product – Colloquial Pepper, Barutique Jack Fruit and Pony Rice Geographic Labels, he said.
  • 5000 solar pump sets will be installed
    The state will install 5,000 solar pump sets with a 70% subsidy. The subsidies will be provided at 114.68 million rubles.
  • Agricultural Museum in Chennai
    Chennai Agricultural Corruption will also be set up to facilitate the transfer of information to the youth on agriculture and agriculture.
  • The market for 10 farmers is set to be set at 6 Birr quarter
    The regional government is to be established, with 10 farmers’ markets (Uzavar Santay) priced at 10 kroner in Kadadolore, Dindigul, Irode, Ud Dutotai, Tanjaur, Tirunili, Tirichi, Velore, Karur and Kalakurich.
  • They have increased subsidies for horticulture
    MRK Panneerselvam announces subsidies to grow vegetables and spinach throughout the state. The region aims to increase fruit production from 3.13 hectares to 3.30 hectares
    The purchase price of sugarcane has increased to 2,900 rubles
    Minister EMK Panezelvam will increase the purchase price of sugarcane from 2,900 to 2,700 restaurants per ton.
  • The minimum support price in Paddy increased to 75 rubles
    The Tamil Nadu government will raise the minimum support price for Paddy from 75 to 50 rubles. For class incentives increased from 70 rubles to 100 rubles.
  • About 2,500 youths will be trained in sowing, irrigation, special irrigation and 5 million birr training through the Tamil Nadu Skills Development Corporation.
  • The Minister of Agriculture said 25 million birr worth of 25 million birr will be spent on the 200 hectares of land in Teruvalur, Kuddalore, Villaup Ram, Calakurich, Salem, Irode, Tiru Ppr, Tiru Uchyi, Tanja Vr, Mayidutuhurai, Tiruvarurur, Teneni and Tirunili.
  • At a cost of 12.44 Rebels, mill operations will be introduced in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu government buys 61,000 tons of sorghum from farmers, said Minister MRK Panneerselvam.
  • The Tamil Nadu government is introducing a special unit for organic farming in the Tamil Nadu Department of Agriculture. Farmers engaged in organic farming have received inputs from the Minister of Agriculture.
  • The Tamil Nadu agriculture minister has been forced to cut down trees with the permission of the woreda administration.
  • According to Minister EMK PANENSELVAM, the harvest will be distributed to farmers at a cost of 52.2 million rubles.
  • Storage room to store pepper in Colly Hills.
  • Tamil Nadu Agriculture Minister MRK PANENSELVAM said trucks will be purchased at Rs 59.55 crore to transport goods from villages to cities and increase farmers’ profits.
  • According to Tamil Nadu, Minister of Agriculture, MRK PANENSELVAM, horticulture will increase by 21.80 million rubles.
    According to Minister EMK PANENSELVAM, the harvest will be prepared by the Côte d’Ivoire Department of Agriculture for the harvest of farmers in Nilgiris.
  • The total subsidy in 76 woredas will increase in 76 woredas and the number of palm tree seedlings will increase.
  • MRK Panneerselvam said agricultural coverage will increase to 75.7% to 11.75 million hectares. Water sources are added and cotton, millet and rice farming are encouraged.

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