TNAU to offer UG, PG agri and vegetable courses in Tamil Coimbatore News – Indian Times

The regional government announced on Saturday that it has launched primary and postgraduate programs in agriculture and horticulture at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNU), Kombatore.
The government has allocated 25 million euros for the first phase of the program. This is the first time the university has offered a bachelor’s degree in Tamil.
N-Kumar, deputy chancellor of TNAU Coimbatore, said an expert committee will be set up to frame the curriculum for these programs.
While UG programs are offered in English only, the university offers diploma programs in agriculture and horticulture in Tamil. Vamba, near Ud Dukotai, also offers diploma programs in Tamil Nadu.
Students from Tamil middle schools will benefit more from these programs, he said. He said there is a special choice in government jobs for candidates with a degree in Tamil Nadu and the same choice for candidates pursuing these programs will encourage more students to take these courses.
The government also announced the establishment of a research center named after the organic farming node and scientist Namamazvar. The center will conduct research on organic farming and expand the existing sustainable organic farming unit at TNAU. The department will expand, ”said VC.
Citing an encouraging start to the single budget for agriculture, he said further allocation of funds will help in formulating a long-term sustainable agricultural policy in the coming years.


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